Whipped Cream Icing Question

Hi, I have a whipped cream icing question. I've never used heavy cream. Once you have whipped the cream up and added the vanilla how do you get it to stay whipped? When I add the vanilla it breaks it down.


Hi, You will need to add powdered sugar to your whipped icing recipe if you haven't tried that already. Add the vanilla before you whip the cream. The confectioner's sugar contains corn starch and it acts as a binder.
If you are planning on using your whipped icing as a cake filling you may want to try using a gelatin to stabilize the cream. In a small pot soak the gelatin in water for 5 minutes and dissolve. Whip the cream and confectioner's sugar to taste until soft peaks form. Add the gelatin and continue whipping until you reach the desired consistency.
For 1 cup of cream use 1/2 teaspoon gelatin soaked in 1 tablespoon cold water. For 2 cups of cream use 1 teaspoon gelatin soaked in 2 tablespoons cold water.

I hope this answers your whipped cream icing question

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Is there anything that can be added to stabilize buttercream?

by Patricia Dalton
(Wellfleet, Ma.)

During the summer many of the cakes I make have to sit out for several hours during the wedding. Most of the reception sites are outdoors or not air conditioned. I use your buttercream recipe with the whipped egg whites but was wondering if there is anything I can add to it as a stabilizer in really hot weather. I already use some cream of tartar in the egg whites and keep the cake refrigerated during delivery. Any ideas??
Cape Cod Mass.

Hi Trish, You could try adding powdered sugar to your buttercream the cornstarch in the buttercream will help a little. Doing a half and half using a crisco based butytercream and mixing the two(I don't like this idea) but it does hold up better in the heat.

The meringue acts as a stabilizer so other than the cream of tartar I don't know of any other way. Your best bet is to keep the cake really cold for as long as possible before putting it out at the reception if it is an outdoor wedding and keeping it in the shade as well.

This post on protecting an outdoor wedding cake is a similar question with my response to using dry ice.

Hope that helps

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