Stenciling on a round cake.

by Robin
(Kechi Kansas)


I am doing a 3 tier round fondant covered wedding cake with Damask design. I am having trouble getting the design to continue around the cake without messing up the design. What do you suggest to keep the design in one even flow around the cake?

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Hi Robin, I have not stenciled on a cake as of yet, but I know exactly what you are talking about. I think. I am assuming you mean where the stencil meets in the back?

If there will be a back side to the cake that no one will see you can place the part that isn't perfect in the back out of view. Another thought is to pipe a seam of beads up the cake where the design meets. That would look nice. Sort of like buttons. You could also use fondant or gumpaste buttons or pearls as the seam.

If you mean each individual stencil then I am not sure other than measuring first and placing reference points on the cake so that the stencil is at the same height and distance every time.

Let me see if any of the Facebook cake decorators that I have met online can help. I will add a post there as well.

Thanks for visiting and I hope we can all figure out the best way to handle this stenciling on a round cake question.

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Feb 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yes this does happen. What you do is wait 'til the stenciling is hardened (If you are using royal icing which you should be)then find part of the design that will fit best there, trying to match both sides up.

Feb 02, 2012
Added question
by: Robin

Thank you! I didn't think of putting a line of pearls where the stencil did not meet. Yes, I am using royal icing. I have never being able to see all the way around a stenciled cake when the pattern is continued all the way around. I am just unsure on how to match up the pattern so there isn't a blank space where I moved the stencil to do the next area. Can I use a small piece of foam or something to hold the stencil up while I match up the pattern to keep from breaking the icing off that is already on the cake and dry?

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