Wedding Cake Pricing

I was asked to make a 3 tier wedding cake. They want ruffles on all the layers. I am worried once I pipe the ruffles on they might slide or fall off.

What should I charge?

The whole cake will be buttercream. They also want a giant rose on top of top tier. I was thinking about buying the flower. An 11 X 15 grooms cake is also something that they are considering.


Lorelie's Response

Hi Crystal,

There are several posts on this site about pricing your cakes. here is the link to cake decorating business questions page where you sill find several posts about this.

Here is my wedding cake pricing guide.

Yo will need to do a little bit of research in your area to find out what the going rates are. Decide how much you are worth per hour, estimate how much time it will take to make your cake etc. Take all factors into consideration.

The grooms cake will need a separate price. I assume it is not decorated? If it is then you will need to charge more for your time and talent.

Read the other posts and look at my pricing and get some idea of what you may want to charge. You might want to charge to deliver or add that into the price when you quote the bride. I usually throw that in as an extra unless the venue is far away. Over 10 miles I will charge something to deliver the cakes.

If you buy the flower for the top it will be less work but you will be spending money and time picking up the flower. Jot it all down on paper and estimate the time and the products that you will need to buy to make these cakes. Then come up with a price that is fair and that you will feel comfortable with.

Don't worry about the ruffle falling or sliding off the cake. Just make a nice firm buttercream and it should be fine. The only reason to worry about that scenario is if it is very hot or humid. In most cases the wedding cake is set up in a cool or air conditioned room.
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