Which fondant brand is best?

by Yoann

Hello, I would like to know which fondant (ready to use) tastes better and is easier to work with. I find that Marshmallow fondant (homemade) tastes delicious but it kind of takes long to make. Which one do you recommend in case I want to buy it?

Thank You

Lorelie's ResponseHi Yoann, Here is a list of the most popular brands.

Five leading brands of fondant...

* Satin Ice

* Wilton

* Fondarific

* FondX

* Albert Uster Imports-Confiseur Dor'

I use Wilton in a pinch, because I can get it at Michael's Crafts and we have one right down the street. You can order it online at Candyland Crafts. I also love and use the Albert Uster Imports brand or the Satin Ice when I have a large wedding cake. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these.

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Dec 09, 2010
Eating Fondant
by: Anonymous

This was the very first time we had the bakery make my son a fondant cake. We've heard it was very sweet but he has never had a fondant cake. The cake was beautiful. I had some people over and my girlfriend told me that before cutting the cake we had to peel the fondant off because you don't eat it. She said no one eats the fondant. Somehow I found that very had to believe since thousands of people have their wedding cake that way and I don't think the Bride and Groom are going to peel the fondant off their beautiful wedding cake. I told her that I know ton's of people who eat the fondant and I was told it was extremely sweet and it's just a person's preference. So you can eat it correct?

Aug 16, 2011
Eating Fondant
by: Lorelie

Hi, Yes fondant is meant to eat. It may be too sweet for some people's taste and it can always be peeled off. But many people like it and eat it.
Their are a lot of really tasty brands of fondant now on the market to suit various tastes. Flavored and colored with white chocolate, vanilla, chocolate almond and so forth. Here is the link again to the Fondant brand that I recommend.

Jun 02, 2012
good fondant review video on youtube
by: Anonymous

There is a great series of video reviews of different fondant brands on youtube


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