Baking and Cake Decorating Questions

by allison
( az)

HELP!!! So I have been making cakes for about 5 yrs now just for friends family etc. recently started covering with fondant! But my cakes are so dry when doing this!!! I am going to CA for my brothers baby shower to make their cake and want it to be perfect! So here are my questions

Although I can find answers I get different answers from different websites.

1. She wants mousse but also covered in fondant. Can you do that because wouldn't it need to be refrigerated? Plus it's a park baby shower!

2. why is my cake moist when I put it together but dry the next day when it gets cut into? I put it in my cake caddy when done decorating it.

3. whats the best frosting to use to cover the cake in before laying down the fondant?

4. what is the best fondant to use? i have made my own and also bought it (Wilton brand).

5. so my sister-in-law wants a vanilla cake with fruit flavored fillings but not jams! (plus it needs to be able to withstand the heat outside. do you have any ideas or recipes for this kind of cake?

6. have you ever tried the pouring fondant technique does it work out ok if u have tried it?

I know that's a lot but I am totally stressing out and have until May 1st to figure it out. Plus it doesn't help that I am self taught :(
Thank you Thank You in advance!


Hi Allison, I don't recommend refrigerating fondant. I generally stick to buttercream fillings when it comes to using fondant on a wedding

In reference to your dry cake question; Is it a white cake that you are talking about? If so it is probably made using butter. The butter in the cake makes the cakes firmer when cold. When the cakes are brought to room temperature, they should be moister.

You could use a simple syrup to moisten a butter cake as well. There is a recipe for that here on this page about petits fours. And cover them in plastic wrap if possible as well.

The best frosting that I use are one of two recipes.
Wedding cake frosting a.k.a. Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Easy buttercream

I prefer Satin Ice Fondant.

How about the English Lemon Curd mixed in with buttercream? Or buttercream with fresh fruit mixed in. One of my faves is White chocolate buttercream with fresh raspberries. This is especially good with the orange butter cake, which is the same as the vanilla cake with the addition of orange rind and orange juice replacing the milk in the recipe.

Poured fondant is good for petits fours, but I would not personally use it on a large cake. Rolled is best for that.

I hope that helps you out Allison.

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Apr 22, 2012
Baby shower cake
by: Anonymous

I refrigerate Satin Ice Fondant with no problems. Under fondant you can cover your cake with buttercream or ganache. Simple syrup works great for keeping cakes moist and fondant usually helps to keep moisture in and shouldn't make your cake dry out more. Good luck! I'm sure your cake will be great!

Apr 23, 2012
Thank You!!
by: Allison

Wow what a fast and speedy reply!! And answers to all of my questions as well!! Thank You very much. I can now go into this more confident!

Apr 24, 2012
Refrigerating Fondant
by: Lorelie

Thank you anonymous for the Satin Ice Fondant
tip:-) I have heard this before but have yet to do it.

You don't have any sweating or moisture build up on the fondant when you put your cakes out at room temperature?

Good luck Allison with your cakes :)

Apr 25, 2012
Satin ice
by: Anonymous

I have never had a sweating problem with satin ice :)

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