Cake Decorating Stencils Question

by Mandy

I am wanting to make a simple but elegant wedding cake... I have seen where you can do a stencil pattern on the side of your cake .. Would you recommend it? and how would I do it? Thanks

Lorelie's Response
Hi Mandy,

Stenciling a wedding cake is not difficult to do. I would recommend a fondant wedding cake to stencil onto. Have you done a fondant wedding cake before? If not then there are a lot of posts about it on this website and fondant decorating pages.

First you will need a batch of royal icing. Make it slightly thicker than normal so it will hold well once stenciled onto the sides of your cake.

Align your stencil by cutting it to fit the side height of the cake. Now pin it down using dressmakers pins, or hold it with one hand.An alternative is to get a cake wrap kit. This holds the stencil in place for you.

Your stencil will need to be flat against the cake or the icing will not makes it's way underneath. Using your trowel (a flat tool, or you can use a spatula) scrape the frosting across the stencil.

Carefully pull the stencil off. If you do smudge some frosting, you can use a toothpick to clean it up. Let the icing dry before continuing with the next section.

A royal icing recipe for you.

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Apr 30, 2012
As seen on tv...
by: Nickie

I haven't done this myself with cake yet, but I've done it with cookies, and when I've seen it done on Amazing Cakes, the Cakegirls needed to do a panel over because the icing was too thick and it smudged badly. So make sure your royal is nice and stiff, but use as little as possible, so it has less chance of smudging when you peel it off. Then they piped over for added dimension, and it looked really awesome. Good luck!

Apr 30, 2012
Piping Over Stencil Designs
by: Anonymous

Hi Nickie,
Thanks for your very helpful input. I like the idea of piping over the stencil to give it more dimension.

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