Carrot Cake Wedding Cake

by Nicola

Hello! I found your wedding cake website and love it! I have asked my friend who is an expert cup cake maker to make me a carrot cake wedding cake. She said she would love to but needs to look into it first. I will have around 200 guests, do you think this is an unfair ask? Also how much should I pay her to do it? Thank you! Nicola

Hi Nicola, For 200 people I can tell you that I charge $990.00 and it is a large four tier cake. See my wedding cake prices page. Your friend may want to give part of the cake as a gift. I do give cakes as gifts to close friends.

Ask her what she would like to do and take it from there. I think you should offer to pay for her time and supplies even if she wants to give it as a gift to you.

If it is her first wedding cake and she does want to do it then maybe she can make the actual wedding cake a smaller size. A 14" 10" and a 6 " is a nice size and is doable for a home baker with an average oven and refrigerator. That size cake will feed up to 150 and the rest can be a sheet cake or a couple of round undecorated cakes on the side.

Tell her about this website and she can ask me anything to help her along if she needs it including access to the BEST carrot cake recipe on the planet (in my humble opinion)

P.S. Your friend is most likely flattered that you asked her to participate in one of the most important days of your life and it may open up a whole new path for her. That is how I got my start. Read my story.

I'm glad you found my website! Please pass the good word along and I hope that you come back often. Ask as many questions as needed. You can comment at the bottom of this page so we can keep this thread going. Thank so much for a great question.

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