Chocolate Ganache Icing And Chocolate Mousse

by Ilona

I want to use both Chocolate ganache icing and Chocolate mousse for the same cake. If I use chocolate ganache in the cake that needs to be refrigerated, wouldn't it get too hard? I want to use it in between the layers and on top of the cake (also I want to use mousse filling in between and that needs refrigeration, will it work?)

Hi Llona,
Yes you can use both chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache in and on the cake. It's true that the ganache will harden up in the refrigerator, so just remember to take the cake out and let it come to room temperature before eating it. If this is for a wedding cake then it should be fine by the time they cut it. Thanks Llona Your cake will be amazingly delicious. What flavor is the cake? Are you using a chocolate cake recipe or a white cake or some other flavor?


by: Anonymous

Thank you, I will be using yellow cake, I'm making it for my father's in law 60th birthday. So this cake will be refrigerated. I think I will include your Italian Meringue Buttercream as well.

The next cake I'm making for my son's party of 30 people, it will not be refrigerated ( I will have no space in refrig.)Im planning on using chocolate ganache and Italian meringue, but I guess I can't use meringue buttercream without refrigeration, since it has egg whites in it.

It seems to be so complicated...I find that cakes requiring refrigeration come out more delicious but not as pretty, since cakes can not be decorated ahead of time with fondant...

That's why I have been bugging you with questions about frosting and fondant.
Thank you for your help and your patience.

by: Lorelie

Hi Llona,

The Italian meringue buttercream can be left out for a couple of days as long as it is in a cool spot. If you are storing it outside the fridge make sure it is well covered. If it is already on the cake make sure the cake is in the coolest spot in the house in a box.

So you can leave your son's cake out of the fridge as long as you don't use the chocolate mousse filling. The egg whites are cooked when you add the hot syrup to them. You could also try the easy buttercream icing recipe.

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Chocolate Ganache

by Carolyn
(Louisville, Ky)

A Cake Filled, Frosted and Decorated in Decadent Chocolate Ganache

A Cake Filled, Frosted and Decorated in Decadent Chocolate Ganache

Question:The recipe I'm using to make chocolate ganache is asking for 3 1/2 lbs. of bittersweet chocolate. I don't know how to break that down to cups? What is the difference between using chocolate chips and the bar chocolate? What recipe do you have for a chocolate ganache?

Answer: Hi Carolyn, There are 16 ounces in a lb. Take a look at the package of the chips, squares, or bar and see how many ounces each contain. You will need 56 ounces. Just add up the ounces to 56. If you have a scale you can measure it.

The squares (like in bakers chocolate) are 1 ounce each. That is a lot of squares. You are making a large quantity obviously. (Wedding cake?)

There is no difference between the squares, bars or chips as long as you use high quality chocolate. I like Ghirardelli. The chips are easier to deal with and to melt. The squares are easiest to measure. In the video I use chocolate chips. The recipe I use in the video is 24 ounces of chocolate and 16 ounces of heavy cream.

I never measure the chocolate in cups. It's always by weight.
I hope this is helpful to you. Let me know how it goes ok. And if you are making a wedding cake you can post a pic and or a story to go with it?
Thanks for visiting and for posting a great question.

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Why did my dark chocolate ganache crack?

by madeitwithlove

Hi Lorelie

Just had a horrible cake disaster! I made your gorgeous chocolate cake with butter milk and covered it with dark chocolate whipped up ganache. I put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning I came down to a map of the world because the ganache had completely cracked, leaving large ravines all over the cake. This has never happened to me before, so what went wrong?

I managed to rescue the cake and re ganached it, but it is not an experience I'd like to repeat. I would really value your opinion on any comments you may have on this problem. I did not use butter in the ganache. Fortunately the cake was not for a special occasion so no real harm done.

With best wishes

I don't believe I have ever had that happen to me either. Did you use my chocolate ganache recipe? If there was butter in it then it would make sense. Hopefully someone will see this post and be able to answer it for you. I will ask my Facebook cake decorators.


by Colleen
A couple of thoughts- was the cream hot enough when you added the chocolate and you may have over beaten it. Whipped Ganache is good for filling, but a regular 'unbeaten' Ganache is better for frosting/glazing; whisk it.
If you add butter, whisk for a few seconds to aerate it.

Colleen I thank you for great information that is so helpful

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