Crumb Coat Under Marzipan?

by Hilary Mckeown

Thanks for the 1234 lemon cake recipe. My friend wants marzipan then fondant on top of this cake. Do I crumb coat under marzipan or brush with jam?

Thank you

Lemon cake recipes

Hi Hilary, Your welcome on the 1234 lemon cake recipe. Crumb coat with jam. If you plan on filling the cake it needs a filling that will not spoil easily, because you will need to leave the cake out for at least two days with the marzipan on it before putting your fondant over the cake.

Covering With Marzipan

If you have not covered a cake with marzipan before here are the instructions when covering the marzipan with fondant icing.

Use warm beaten apricot jam to hold the marzipan in place.
Turn the cake upside down so that the flatter surface becomes the top. Trim the sides if necessary. Brush on the warm jam.

Roll out your marzipan, enough to cover the top and sides of the cake along with some surplus.

Pick up the marzipan right side up and drape it over the cake, being careful to get any air bubbles out as you go.

Once the top is flat flare out the corners, making sure not to stretch the marzipan too much or it will crack. Smooth and fit the corners first and then smooth out the sides. Use the warmth of your hands to help to smooth it and fixed to the cake.

With a metal spatula, trim the marzipan to the base of the cake, making a neat edge all the way around.

Now you will need to leave the cake out for two to three days for the surface to harden.

Covering With Fondant

Use alcohol or water to adhere the fondant to the marzipan. You can use brandy, rum or sherry. The alcohol helps to sterilize the surface and improves the flavor.

The cake should be placed on a sheet of waxed paper to keep the counter form getting sticky. Moisten the entire cake making sure every part is covered, or you may end up with air bubbles.

Remove the paper and put the cake on the counter over a dusting of powdered sugar. Roll out the fondant on a dusting of confectionery sugar. Now repeat what you did with the marzipan and work your fondant covering until smooth.

If you do end up with some air pockets, prick them with a pin and re smooth.

Good luck. Can you send a photo of your finished cake? We would love to see it and I will add it to the cake decorating pictures gallery for all to see

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