Dora Cake

by Zaynab
(New Zealand)

Dora Cake

Dora Cake

Hi Lorelie,

I want to make a Dora cake for my Baby's birthday.
Making and decorating cakes is in my blood, that's why I applied for a baking course. It starts in 2011 and is a one year course, but till then I need your help please.
My baby's birthday is coming soon, she love Dora the Explora. All of her clothes have Dora images. So I decided to do her Dora cake but I don't know how to do the fondant figures. I searched online but couldn't find anything useful so I thought of you, my friend.
Is it possible to make a video on how to make the figurines? What ingredient's or tools and recipes do I need.
Thank you very much for answering my questions and comments about my cake :-).


Hello again Zaynab, You can ask me questions whenever about anything cake related. I will always do my best to answer them as best as I can.

The Dora cake is adorable. How old is your baby going to be? Making fondant figurines is not my forte, although I did make two teddy bear fondant figurines today for a friends baby shower. But teddy bears are a heck of a lot easier than a Dora figurine which would be very time consuming.

I personally would go and buy a Dora doll to put on top. But if you want to give her a try then you will need some fondant. Try the Marshmallow Fondant. or gumpaste and you will need paste food colorings too.

Her is a link to some
Dora cake decorating ideas at Candyland Crafts.

I won't be making any Dora videos in the near future but I can recommend a really great book that I have used to do this type of modeling.
It's called The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating

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