Fathers Day Fish Cake

by Nancy Correa
(Orlando, Fl., USA)

Fish Cake

Fish Cake

It all started with a fish. My husband LOVES-I repeat LOVES fishing. So I decided to make him a Fathers Day Fish Cake. I went to the internet and searched and searched. I found a local bakery that had the perfect design but when I called to get a price! Wow! it was extremely expensive for an 8" square cake with a fish on it.

I Can Do This

I went back on the internet and printed a picture of a fish. I also saw videos of how to make a fondant cake. Boy it was a little scary, but I said to myself, I know I can do this.

I Love Shopping

I went to Joanne's Craft store and bought everything I needed to make the cake. I love to shop so it was fun. Mind you I have never made a cake with fondant. Looking at your website and seeing all these beautiful cakes, I just had to do try this.

Here We Go

On Friday, June 17th I baked two 9 x 13 sheet yellow cakes. Let then cool down and wrapped them in plastic wrap untill the next day. Saturday I was up early and anxious to get started.

I crumb coated one of the sheet cakes and put it in the refrigerator. Took the second sheet cake and place my printed fish on the cake and cut it with a knife into the shape of the fish. I also crumb coated the fish and placed it in the refrigerator.

I immediately started working on the fondant. I colored it blue with gel food coloring, kneading until it was soft enough to roll. I covered the full sheet cake with the blue fondant and set it aside. Next I took some more of the sugar paste and colored it with black gel food coloring to make it look grey. I covered the crumb coated fish cake with the grey fondant.

I placed the fish on the full sheet of cake and made fins using the black fondant. I made the fish scales with my "U" cut out letter. The made an eye with white and black fondant. I used some of my scrapbook letters to cut out Happy Father Days in Blue and placed it on the cake.

Surprise Happy Fathers Day

I surprised my husband and he was amazed that I had done this cake. I had so much fun that I have made another cake for my Brother in-law's birthday. I also have two more I will be making. An anniversary cake and a purse cake for my son's girlfriend.

I am planning to build a cake decorating business and I hope it works out. I have included my pictures. Thank you.

Nancy Correa
from Orlando, Florida.

Nancy Thank you for your wonderful story and Fathers Day Fish Cake entry. You are very determined and that is why I believe you will be successful with your cake decorating business endeavor. Perseverance! Great job on the entry. Good Luck!

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Sep 13, 2011
Awesome cake!
by: Elsie Calo

I can't eat fish on cake but I can eat this cake with a fish! :)

Sep 21, 2011
great idea!!
by: kristi de seve

what a neat idea for father's day! great detail on the fishy. :)

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