First time making a wedding cake.

by Linda
(South Jordan, UT)

I am making my daughters cake...It will be my first time making a wedding cake. She is getting married December 9, 2011.

She wants a 3 tier cake, I'm thinking maybe a 12" 9" and 6"...if you have suggestions I'm all ears. She only wants the top layer to be real, the other two layers will either be made with rice crispy's/marshmallow or styrafoam. She would like the cake layer to be chocolate with a bavarian cream filling.

I found a recipe for a mock bavarian cream made with cream cheese, dry pudding mix and whipping cream. My concern is that I'm thinking that the cake needs to be kept refrigerated because of the filling. I am covering the cake with a fondant decoration and I've read that once the fondant is on you do not want to have the cake refrigerated.

Would doing the fondant on Thursday night and then putting the finished cake in the garage be sufficient??? (I live in is usually cold in the garage by this time of year, however I am concerned that sometimes the garage feels as cold as the fridge....I'm feeling a little scared) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!....Thank you in advance!

Answer: Hi Linda

The 12 9 and 6 inch cakes will look nice. I would probably use a dummy for the bottom tiers instead of marshmallow and rice krispys. It would be easier and look smoother. You may need to use a little bit of royal icing on the Styrofoam to glue the fondant onto the dummy first. You won't need to cover the entire dummy, just enough to help the fondant stick.

Your cake should be fine in the garage. Just make sure you cover it lightly with plastic wrap or better yet put the finished cake in a box and cover the entire box with a plastic bag to keep any moisture out.

Good luck with your first wedding cake and congratulations on the marriage of your daughter.
Here is a link to wedding cake pictures page. We would love to see it and hear all about it.

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Nov 13, 2011
Foam dummies
by: Deanna

I only wet my foam dummies with a bit of water and my fondant sticks great! A helpful tip that was told to me is to "soften" the edges of the foam. I run a small rolling pin around the hard corner of the foam. It holds its shape and doesn't tear your fondant! Can't wait to see the pictures if the finished cake!

Nov 13, 2011
Great Tip
by: Lorelie

Thanks Deanna for a really great tip. I would not have thought of that. I do that with my real fondant cakes so why not the dummy ones. I knew I could count on one of my Facebook cake decorator friends to help out. Thanks

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