First time wedding cake

by Tina

Hi there!

I'm so excited to have found your website! I really hope you can help me. I'm making a wedding cake for my friend in two weeks and this is my first time making one.
I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to baking..its just the construction of the cake I am a bit worried about.
One tier has to be carrot cake, another vanilla and the last chocolate. They really want the carrot to be the bottom tier but it is quite moist and I am not sure if it will be able to hold up?

Also I am thinking of using separator plates and locking pillars between each layer do you have any experience with that?

I think that's about it for now.. I appreciate your help!

Hi Tina, I understand your concerns all too well. LOL I will never forget my first wedding cake and how nervous I was.

As long as you get your cakes nice and cold in between steps you will be fine with the carrot cake on the bottom.

*Tip for carrot cakes -If you are filling it with cream cheese icing, pipe a border or dam of buttercream around the layers before filling. This will act as a glue to hold your layers in place when chilled. (I have found that cream cheese filling is on the gooey side) Same goes for any other cakes with fillings which are not firm enough.

The use of dowels within each cake will support the one above it. I have done many pillared cakes over the years so I can help with that too.

Make sure you have a strong base for your bottom tier. If it is a large heavy one get a board cut for you.

Each cake
needs to be on a cardboard round and firm (cold)

The bottom and middle tier get wooden dowels that will act as supporters for the cake above, you will do this if it is pillared as well.

Place the dowels in a circular pattern within the cakes, measure and cut. I use straws - so much easier to work with - but if your cake is very heavy go with wooden dowels at least on the bottom one.

One larger dowel will go through from top to bottom if your cakes are stacked. Sharpen the ends of the dowels so they can be pushed into the cakes. ( I use a knife to sharpen them )

If you are using pillars and plates then the bottom and middle tiers get a plate on top in which the pillars will snap into and the middle and top tiers will be sitting on a plate for the pillars as well.

*Tip: hot glue the cakes to the plastic plates. I like to use plates that are a size larger than the actual cake. So if it is a 6 inch cake the plate should be an 8 inch plate, this way you will have room for a border.

Take a look at Cake Stackers

They will make your cakes level and easier to deliver in one piece, with less stress.

My review of them is on this page about cake stands.

I hope that helps you. Don't hesitate to come back with more questions or details to the answer. And please post a picture and story about it here on the site. We would love to see the finished cake.

You can use the comments section at the bottom of this page if you want to to keep this thread going.


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Jan 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for you help!

Just a few more questions.. when you pipe a border of buttercream in the cake layer to keep the filling in place, how do you then cut your pieces when it is being served? ..wont someone get a piece with buttercream and a little filling?

Also, i just made a vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream filling.. but the filling really didnt turn out too well. Do you have a good recipe for that?

And last.. i am covering the cake in swiss meringue buttercream and i did a practice run through.. however i noticed when i used a knife with a little warm water to smooth over the last bit it turned yellow in the fridge.. do you know why that is and how i can prevent that?

Thanks again!

Jan 15, 2011
More Answers
by: Lorelie

Hi Tina,

When you pipe the dam make it as narrow as you can. The people who get that piece will get more of the buttercream, but that is not such a bad thing.

Buttercream is delicious with carrot cake or any other cake for that matter. I think it is important to make sure the cake stays together and looks as perfect as possible.

You could supply the caterers with some extra filling to dollop or pipe onto those pieces. Or if you will be attending ask them if you can do that just to make sure it gets done.

Having said all of that you can get away with not doing the dam if you use a filling that is firm enough.

For raspberry filling add raspberry jam or preserves to buttercream and you will have a delicious, easy and firm filling.

The yellowing is due to the heated spatula which you may have to forego. That's the best answer I can give you on the buttercream. I hope that helps.

And anyone reading this post please join in and lend a tip or two.

My way is not the only way :-)

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