Flour & frosting

by Tammy Robinson
(Silver Spring, Md)

Wedding Cake By Tammy Robinson

Wedding Cake By Tammy Robinson

I recently found your site & am so happy!!! I purchased your ebook & am looking forward to trying the different recipes. I made your Best Carrot cake, awesome!

I've made a few wedding cakes but am always looking for the best...recipes, icing, etc.

My questions are as follows:
I noticed you use all purpose flour as opposed to cake flour & I wondered if there was a reason.

Second question: I love using Italian meringue buttercream, but I always worry about how long the cake can sit out. How long can it sit out & will it work under fondant?

Thank you for your time & your website!!

Best regards,

(I attached my most recent wedding cake, yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling & Italian meringue buttercream)

Lorelie's Response
Hi Tammy. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous wedding cake that you made with us. Wow!

I am so happy that you are enjoying my ebook Wedding Cake With Lorelie Step-by-Step.

To answer the first question. I use the all purpose flour if a recipe calls for it. Most brands are a mixture of all purpose (80%) and cake flour(20%).

Cake flour is lighter and is used to make cakes that are delicate with a light texture.

If a recipe calls for cake flour and you don't have any in the house, you can make your own by substituting 2 tablespoons cornstarch for 2 tablespoons of flour in every cup.

To substitute cake flour for all purpose flour, use 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons cake flour for every cup.

To answer the second question, buttercream is fine under fondant, I do it all the time.

Buttercream will last a day or two out of the fridge but keep it in a cool spot if possible.

If you need to have your fondant cake sitting out keep it in a cool spot and if possible cover it with plastic wrap.

If you make a buttercream cake it can stay out at the reception without a problem. The egg whites are cooked when you add the hot syrup, so no worries.

I hope that helps. Thanks for the very nice comments about the my website :-) It means a LOT to me when people let me know that the site has helped.

Would love to see more of your work. Please feel free to submit more of them in the future.

Happy baking and cake decorating!

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Jun 17, 2013
Buttercream under fondant
by: Holly

I use buttercream under all my fondant cakes. If they will be in a warm climate. I replace half or more of the butter with shortening. You will have less melting and siding of your fondant and layers.

From Lorelie

THANKS HOLLY Great advice! :-)

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