Fondant Cake Decorating Question

by Marla

Cascading Fondant Grapes

Cascading Fondant Grapes


Hi, I have a fondant cake decorating question. How do you make fondant grapes cascading down a cake?

I am making a small 3 tier wedding cake with buttercream frosting. The bride wants clusters of grapes cascading over the edges and down the sides. I saw your youtube video of the wine themed cake. The leaf idea is awesome! Can you give more details on the grape clusters such as: Do you attach them directly to the cake or put them on thin wires?

Also, do you have a good recipe for a truly white frosting that does not taste like Crisco and for a truly white cake that has a good flavor?

Thanks so much!


Hi Marla,

The fondant grapes were attached using a small amount of chocolate ganache' as glue and placed individually. I did have a couple that dropped off and I had to re glue. I also gave the birthday girl some extra grapes and ganache' in case she lost some during the party. But I didn't hear any complaints.

In your case you will be using buttercream. Can you try it out ahead of time? The fondant decorations are on the heavy side. You may want to try mounting on wire. I have not tried that with fondant, only royal icing. I would try wiring a few and testing them. Just string them like beads and let them dry on the wire. (Let me know how it goes) I would love to see a photo of the finished cake.

As far as the white buttercream frosting and cake goes, I don't have a pure white frosting recipe except for using Wilton White-White Icing Color, which I have done in the past. You will have to use a lot. (the link to will open in a new window)

Here is how you can make your frosting whiter without using the White White Color. Just whip the heck out of the butter before adding the sugar and use clear vanilla for flavoring. It will probably not be pure white though.

My white wedding cake recipe is pretty white although it does have eggs yolks as well as the whites and butter in the ingredients. The only pure white cake recipe that I know of is an angel food cake and it is not firm enough for a wedding cake. The other alternative is a white cake mix, although tasty, I try to stay away from mixes.

Here it is Marla's three tiered wedding cake with cascading grapes.

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Oct 16, 2018
ROYAL ICING under fondant


Oct 17, 2018
Royal icing and fondant
by: Lorelie

Hi Dorrett, I use buttercream or ganache. Royal icing hardens but I do believe that people have used royal under fondant. That's the best answer I can give to you.

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