Forgot to freeze wedding cake........

by Erica
(Nampa, ID)

I left someone in charge of freezing the top tier of my wedding cake and came home from my honeymoon 9 days later to find it uncovered in my fridge. Can I still freeze it to save it for our 1 year anniversary?

Hi Erica, First of all Congratulations on your marriage! It depends on what type of cake it is and the kind of filling. If it was carrot cake or even my moist chocolate cake recipe ,I would say yes it should be ok. I know that those two cakes are very hardy and actually get better with a little aging.

Not knowing all of the circumstances, such as how hot it was and how long the cake sat out etc. you really don't want to take a chance on it being spoiled.

If the filling was delicate such as a chocolate mousse recipe with egg yolks, than again its iffy. A buttercream or ganache or cream cheese filling can withstand more.

Can you have the cake person bake you another small topper and freeze that one instead or have one made for you fresh on your anniversary?

I think I would probably go that route. Can you get back to us in your anniversary and let us know what you did? It would help other brides in the future with similar circumstances.


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Aug 10, 2011
It's been 1 yr and I ate my cake!
by: Erica

Sunday was our 1 year anniversary and I did eat the cake.... well a piece.

Our cake tasted great! It was not pretty that is for sure but it tasted amazing.

So here is what I did.
I went on my honeymoon and did not freeze my cake until the 1 1/2 weeks after the wedding when I got back. My cake was a white tier with I believe buttercream frosting.

It had been in the refrigerator that entire time WITHOUT being wrapped up....YIKES.... this is why I was so worried.
I was out of saran wrap so I wrapped the cake up in grocery bags. 2 layers of tied grocery bags. Then I wrapped it up in 4 layers of tin foil and 2 more layers of tied grocery bags on top of the foil. I popped it in the deep freeze from there and crossed my fingers thinking I was going to have to get a replica of my top tier for our anniversary.

The day before our anniversary I realized I had forgot to order a replica cake (I had just had premature twins 6 weeks earlier, they were due on our anniversary and forgot to order it)so I took the wedding cake out of the freezer. I found online more people who said to defrost on the counter. I kept all of the wrapping on for the condensation to form on the cake rather than the cake go soggy.

After defrosted plans got messed up with cranky twins, we put it back in the refrigerator. I took it out the next day 6 hours or so before eating that night on our anniversary in hopes it would get to room temp.

The verdict: Surprisingly it was moist in the middle. The frosting on one side of the cake was a little dry but not flaky and bad. The cake on that side was a little dry about 1/2 inch into the cake. Outside of that it tasted just as I remembered the bite I had at the wedding tasting. All in all I enjoyed it very much and had more of my cake on our anniversary than on our actual anniversary. It now sits on a cake stand in our kitchen and is dessert for another night or so.

No matter what situation or circumstance is thrown your way based on my experience you can still save your cake and that precious tradition!

Aug 10, 2011
Happy Anniversary and Congratulations
by: Lorelie

Erica, Congratulations on the twins birth and on your one year anniversary. Thanks for updateing us on how you managed your cake top. Very helpful post. Now you will have to send us pics of your babies birthday cakes LOL!!!

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