Frosting and stacking tiered wedding cakes

by Yvonne
(Nashville, Tn)

I have a question on frosting and stacking tiered wedding cakes. I am about to make a 4 tier red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I have never done this. I made a two tier cake for practice. When we ate the top tier and removed the board all the frosting was gone from the bottom tier. Is this normal? Am I to re-frost each layer upon cutting?

Also, after I cut the first tier it started to lean, how do I prevent that? I used an 8in cake then topped it with a 6 in board and 3 dowels with a 6 in cake on top.

The wedding is Saturday, it's my 1st wedding cake ever. The bride knows this and she is not looking for perfect but I am.

Hi Yvonne,
To prevent the frosting of each tier from sticking to the cardboard above you will need to use either a little bit of coconut or graham cracker crumbs sprinkled under each cardboard. I use coconut.

To prevent leaning then you have to make sure that each dowel is cut at exactly the same height and that your cakes are level. You can use an actual level to test each cake before stacking or use one of the special
leveling tools shown above.

I have recently started using Cake Stackers wedding cake stands to prevent the leaning problem and to assure that the cakes are level even if they are not perfect.
If you are going to be doing more cakes in the future you may want to take a look at them.

If you want to see what one of these tiered cake stands looks like and how level the cake looks after putting it together than go to my review of Cake Stackers.

Good luck with frosting and stacking your tiered wedding cake. The first one is always special. Please send a photo of the finished cake. You can use the same form to do that with and tell us how it went. Thanks so much for visiting and asking some great questions.

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Mar 30, 2011
Good questions!
by: Sil

I'm also heading to my first wedding cakes in June (excited and nervous). Your questions are great...and I look forward to more people commenting.

Any and all advice would be welcome.

I would add a question about cakes that have fillings that need to be safe is it for them to be on display before they are cut/consumed. The cake could be out for several hours before they get around to it!

Mar 31, 2011
Tiered Wedding Cakes
by: Anonymous

along with the crumb idea I also make sure the frosting is cold before tiering cakes.

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