How many cups of batter do I need

I have to make a 4-tier cake. The pan sizes are 4x4x3, 6x6x3, 8x8x3, 10x10x3. I know how many cups of batter I need for the 8 in. & 10 in. pans, but have no idea how much for the 4 in. & 6 in. cakes.

It is a plain yellow cake batter. Can you please help me with how much batter I need for the 4 in & 6 in cakes? THANK YOU!!!!

Hi, I have a chart for batter amounts but it is based on a 2 inch pan. So I would just add a little more to the batter amounts on the chart. a 6x2 calls for 2 cups so I would go with 2 3/4 . and the 4 inch I don't have on the chart, but I would suggest about a 1 1/2 cups?

The batter amount depends also on whether you are baking the cake and then splitting it into two layers or are you planning on baking two thicker layers per pan size(in which case you would use less batter per pan.)

I usually make more batter than I need and then use the extra for sample cakes or cupcakes to freeze for future use. Better to have more batter than you need than not enough.
Hope this helps you out.:-)
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Apr 09, 2011
You are really wonderful!
by: R. Cole

How nice you are to have this website...and actually answer questions! I am very grateful to have access to a pastry chef who is SO helpful. I will start telling my other baker friends about your site.

Thanks again!

Jun 20, 2011
How Much Batter do I Need
by: Irynn


I have a 3 tier carrot wedding cake to make and will be following your best carrot cake recipe. How much should I multiply the amount for a 14" 10" & 6" tier cake ? What about the amount for the cream cheese filling too.

Thank you very much

Hi Irynn, Multiply the recipe by 5 for that size cake. I am going to add the measurements right now. Here is the link to the best carrot cake recipe.

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