How To Make Hydrangea Petals



Could you direct me as to how to make Hydrangea gumpaste petals and what supplies I might need to make them?

I will be making a tiered fondant covered wedding cake for 160 people. I have never attempted such a large tiered cake so wish me luck.

Thank you for the time you spend helping us newbies. You explain things in a way that puts us at ease and gives us the confidence to forge ahead.


Hi, It's so exciting that you are making your first wedding cake.

For hydrangea gumpaste flower petals you will need
gumpaste,which you can either make from scratch, buy pre-made or as a mix, and this Hydrangea Gumpaste Flower Cutters & Veiners Set.

NEW!!!! I made a step-by-step tutorial on this page.

It is very much like making some of the other flower petals. You roll out the gumpaste, cut the little flowers, place them on a thin sponge (comes with the kits in most cases) Then take a small wooden or plastic tool with a ball on the end and you press it in varying amounts to shape it like a petal.

I use the Wilton Beautiful Gumpaste Flowers book and kit. It comes with all of the tools you need. UPDATE-This kit is now being replaced by a newer version which is on the supplies page.

The hydrangea has 4 petals per flower and the kit comes with a 5 petal cutter. If you plan on making more flowers in the future such as the rose or Chrysanthemum, Orchids and more then this kit is priceless.

Thanks for your compliments. It makes me feel good that I am helpful to others just starting out.

Good luck with your wedding cake and please upload a picture and a story about it when you are done. WE would love to hear about it and see how it all turned out. I am sure it will be beautiful. Just make the flowers well ahead of time, and store them covered in a dry place. The day of you can just place them on the cake.
You can order through my supplies page

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