Lemon wedding cake with buttercream frosting

Do you think a lemon wedding cake with buttercream frosting is the best combination? I am making the lemon wedding cake recipe. The practice cake came out ok but not sure what buttercream recipe to use. Using a lemon flavored buttercream will be too much I believe.

Also am making a 16, 12 and 8" cake, and the recipe is for 14, 10 and 6 I think. Not sure how to increase to make sure I have the correct proportions as well as I have one mixer, smaller so need to make each batch per each cake pan, Ugh!

Hi, You should be able to do this recipe times 2- four times over in your mixer and have enough batter for your pan sizes. Do you have a Kitchen Aid?

* 3 cups sifted all-purpose flour
* 1 Tablespoon baking powder
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* grated zest of two lemons
* 1 cup unsalted butter (2 sticks at room temperature)
* 2 cups granulated sugar
* 4 eggs (separated)
* 1 cup milk
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Ughh is right, That is a tall order!

Vanilla butter cream would be nice with the lemon cake. I don't think it's too much if you use the lemon butter cream (I'm a big lemon lover). Either way it will be delicious. Good luck with your cake and let us know how your lemon wedding cake with buttercream frosting turns out ok?

Link to the lemon wedding cake recipe.

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Lemon Wedding Cake

Just found your amazing site in time to make a lemon wedding cake, could you tell me batter quantities for a 8" and 10" square cake 3" tin height and how long in oven.
Many thanks

Hi Hilary, I'm so glad you found my site and that you find it amazing too! I would recommend using the 1-2-3-4 cake here on my lemon cake recipes page I would take that recipe and times it by two. You will probably have extra batter to make some cupcakes with.

I am assuming you are making either one deep layer and slicing it into two layers after it is baked or that you have two pans each of those sizes. Either way I would still double the recipe.

Set the timer for 25 minutes, check and then reset to check every 5 or 10 minutes. I am afraid I am not so scientific and I usually don't know exactly how long each cake takes, especially since I have quite a few cakes going at once.

Are you planning on making the English lemon curd recipe for the filling? Here is a tip if you do. Mix the lemon curd into butter cream as it will make a firmer filling and will act more like a glue. The curd itself is a little slippery and risky as a wedding cake filling.


Aug 21, 2012
Mixing lemon curd with butter cream
by: Helen

Thank you so much for the tip on mixing lemon curd with butter cream, I will try that and see how it goes. I usually do two layers of lemon curd and one of butter cream but will try mixing the two together :)

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Lemon Cake

by Crystal

Hi Lorelie,

I tried your Lemon Cake recipe but it failed.

My cake overflowed (rose and sank) and it's still uncooked.

As I am not sure about measurement in cups, I used measurement via http://www.traditionaloven.com/conversions_of_measures:

For example:
• 5 cups all-purpose flour = 625gm
• 2 cups(unsalted butter(4 sticks) = 453.6gm
• 4 1/2 cups of sugar = 1012.5Ggm•

Maybe it failed because of the measurement? Can you help me with your measurements in gm?

Appreciates your reply.

Thank you,

Hi Crystal. I discovered this
www.dianasdesserts.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/tools.measures/Measures.cfm conversion calculator which I think will help you. I noticed that it gave me slightly different amounts in grams than traditional oven for some. I am not familiar with grams at all. I'm so sorry the cakes didn't work out. I rechecked the recipe to make sure I didn't give the wrong amounts but they were all good.

Did you try both of the recipes on my lemon cake recipes page? Let me know if you have some success with this calculator ok?
Thanks for visiting and please come back soon!


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Lemon Zest?

How do you make lemon zest?DOU

Hi, to make lemon zest for a recipe such as my English Lemon Curd, simply take your lemon and rub it back and forth on a grater. It's important to just get the yellow part of the rind, so don't press too hard. The white underneath the skin is very bitter.

You can see the grater in the pictures on the recipe page.

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