Does your wedding cake frosting need refrigeration?

by Alisha
(Sequim, Washington)

Hi, I just came across you site. I have some questions about your wedding cake frosting recipe.

I am making a wedding cake and I usually make American buttercream, but I am really not fond of it. I have always wanted to try making buttercream the way you do, but have always been so nervous.

I am covering this cake with fondant and cannot put it in the refrigerator. Does your frosting need to be refrigerated after it is on the cake?

For example would it be alright if I frosted my cake on Friday, but it wasn't eaten until Saturday? And does it hold up under fondant nicely and create a smooth canvas to work on?
Thank you so much!

Hi Alisha, Those are all great questions. The wedding cake frosting, which is an Italian meringue is not as difficult as it seems. I was nervous too about making it, but once you make it it you will see it is not hard to do.

Here is my video of the steps to Italian Meringue Buttercream..

The wedding cake frosting will be fine under your fondant and out of the refrigerator overnight. It is nice and smooth and will make a perfect under layer for you.

If you have more questions come back to this thread and ask ok? Good luck.

PS we would love to see your finished cake. If you want to share it there are links in the right column to submit your photos and stories.

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Refrigerating buttercream


I have a question about buttercream. I have an amazing recipe for chocolate buttercream icing that is made with real butter and thinned with milk. Can this be left out on a cake overnight, or will I need to keep it refrigerated?


Hi Angela, You want to keep your cakes as cold as possible for as long as possible, but if you do need to leave it out with buttercream, it will be fine for about 24 hours. Cakes with real butter butttercream are best served at room temperature. If that is your concern just take it out a few hours prior to serving. Unless it is a wedding cake in which case it needs longer.

Please have it in a cool spot though if you leave it out and let it come to room temp slowly.
Thanks for visiting and asking a great question


Aug 21, 2012
by: Amanda

If i make a batch of your Italian buttercream icing, how long will it last in the fridge covered tightly or can it be stored in the fridge at all? I know regular buttercream can be stored tightly for up to a month.

Buttercream storage
by: Lorelie

Hi Yes you can refrigerate or freeze the Italian Meringue buttercream in an airtight container for up to a month as well.

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Meringue Buttercream

by Carolanne

Hi! I Would Like to Know if we can freeze Swiss meringue buttercream ? If you frost the cake and put the buttercream on, is it okay to freeze the cake?

The last day, I have to do a lot and I put the buttercream in the freezer. When I take the batch out and bring it to room temperature the meringue is a little weird ... The fat And the foam is separated, do you know what I mean?

What do you suggest to me?
Thank You

Hi Carolanne, Yes I do know exactly what you mean. You should be able to bring the buttercream back to room temperature, re whip or stir the buttercream back to it's original smooth texture. Try adding a small amount of confectionery sugar to see if that helps.

Or better yet, don't freeze the icing, you can leave it out overnight well wrapped. This way the buttercream maintains it's original texture.

You can frost the cakes and then freeze them, but then you will take a chance on the buttercream cracking as it thaws.

I usually crumb coat the cakes with wedding cake frosting and then freeze them. Make a fresh batch the day before or the day of the wedding. Then do the final or finishing coat before decorating. I hope that helps.

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Frosting a cake with Italian Meringue

by Lois

Can I frost a large wedding cake with Italian Meringue the day before and must it be refrigerated?

Hi Lois, Yes You can frost a wedding cake the day before with Italian Meringue. You should refrigerate it if you have a filling that contains eggs, cream or any other ingredient that may go bad quickly. If it's filled with buttercream you can leave it it out for a day if you have to, but if your wedding cake softens too much you may have a problem when you deliver it. I like to keep the cakes very cold so that the buttercream acts as a cement, holding the layers together.
I hope this helps

Link to my wedding cake frosting recipe also known as Italian meringue buttercream.

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