Supporting a narrow, heavy cake topper

by Julie


My friend just asked me to make her wedding cake and I'm so excited to take on the project. She's already purchased a cake topper for her Renaissance-themed wedding: It's made of pewter and it's rather heavy (1.25lbs). The figurine base is also pretty narrow, and I'm concerned about it tipping over. Is there anything I can do besides dowel supports to stabilize the figurine?

This site is a treasure trove of information! I'm sure I'll be visiting it frequently in the months to come.

Thank you!!!

UPDATE: See the finished Renaissance Wedding Cake

Hi Julie, Thank you!!! I hope you do come back often. Have you subscribed to my RSS and my newsletter? You will be alerted every time a build a new page.

I LOVE the Cake topper. Is it a fondant or buttercream cake? I think the best thing to do is mount it onto a sturdy base. You may have to custom make one. I would make the base out of wood most likely and finish it off with fabric trimmings that can be glued. Not sure what kind of glue I would use though to mount the figures to the wooden base. I will ask my Facebook friends to help out. There is usually someone from the cake decorating group that will come up with something helpful. Good luck and please show us a picture of your finished cake on this cake photos page or cake decorating pictures.

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May 20, 2011
Another potential idea
by: Andrea M

Hi there!
Fabulous topper! You could mount it to a cardboard round the size of the cake and ice that cardboard round as part of the cake (using dowels under the cardboard round--more where the topper will be). This should distribute the weight across the cake a little more. Though, it would be hard to travel with it this way without tipping-you could add the round (with topper attached) to the top of the cake when you arrive and pipe around the seam, if you have one. Good luck!!

Thanks Andrea for your helpful post. Your idea makes a lot of sense and I think it would be easier to do as well. Yes I would say put the topper on after delivery too. Lorelie

May 21, 2011
by: Colleen

What if you mounted (attached) it to a round ( or whatever the shape of the top )piece of glass or mirror (could find one from a picture frame) that was glued to a cardboard round. That would reflect the topper and not have to hide quite as much. Or attach it to a white plastic cake round that the feet would be inserted into sunken round hollow dowels into the top cake. Those are always my choice of stabilizers. Good Luck, it's a beautiful topper. One more thought, what if you used a dummy for the top? It wouldn't bulge or sink that way.

May 22, 2011
Thanks for the advice
by: Julie

The wedding isn't until September so nothing about the cake is decided yet. I was hoping to make a fondant covered cake with a quilted texture on the sides to match the texture of the clothing and trimmed with jacquard ribbon to give it a tapestry look. Haven't run this idea past the bride yet though. I don't know if she's going to want her figurine glued to anything. I wonder if there's a putty or something strong enough to hold the base but not permanent. Hmmm... If I can't glue it down, I'll probably go with the cake dummy idea. Thanks again to everyone for all the great suggestions to try!

May 22, 2011
Fake Tier
by: Tanya Luz

I recently made a custom bride & groom topper set that was very heavy and unstable. What I did was create the top layer (what they would be standing on) out of Styrofoam, which allowed me to stick supports through that top tier in to the next tier (now cake), so there was no risk of the topper ripping through the cake or toppling off. Then I gave the entire top tier & topper set to the bride and groom as the keepsake. They loved this because they then had their wedding cake (because it was still covered in fondant and decorated to match the rest of the cake) and something to keep the toppers on.

Hope that helps!
Tanya Luz
Domestic Arts Custom Cakes

May 23, 2011
trad renaissance cake
by: Rosie The Wedding Planner

How about making a traditional Irish/English wedding cake to stick with the theme? These are fruit cakes made with alcohol (we put it in everything!) they are very solid so can hold weight. Also they can be made way before the date as they keep well in an air tight container - traditionally the top tier was kept for the Christening of the first born! If you look up traditional Christmas or wedding cake recipes you'll find one. We make them in September for Christmas in Ireland.

Love the cake topper!


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