Transporting a 3-tier wedding cake

Transporting A 3 tier Wedding Cake 150 miles

My daughter is making a 3-tier wedding cake for her cousin's wedding. We will have to transport it about 150 miles. We have read about putting in the internal supports and the center dowel through all of the layers, but we are wondering whether it is okay to assemble it completely before the trip, or whether we will have to transport the layers unstacked and then stack them when we arrive?

As long as you have a good support system you should have no problem stacking your 3 tier wedding cake and transporting it.

Tiered wedding cakes should be transported in a box. Here is what I do for long distance deliveries.

Get a box that is exactly the size of the base of the cake board. This will keep it from sliding around in the box. ( You can also use a little hot glue under the base if the box is not of the perfect size.)If you have a 14 inch cake the base should be at least 16 inches in diameter - 18 inches is better. Cut one side of the box all the way down on one side to make a flap. Slide the entire thing in and tape up the sides. You may want to cover the top with plastic or even cardboard but make sure you tape that also.

Put the box with your 3 tiers in the vehicle on a flat surface and drive like a little old lady :)

One more thing make sure the car is cool. I have also heard of people using dry ice to pack around the cake but have never had to do this. I just use the air conditioning at full blast. (update - I recently used dry ice around a cake that had to go for a 7 hour trip. Here is the Facebook Album on my business page post that I made about that trip, with pictures and explanations.

Another Update I now use Cake Stackers. The cakes are safer, perfectly centered and level. I recommend them highly, especially in a case where you have to travel quite a distance.
Hope this helps and feel free to ask me more questions if you need to.

P.S. Please send a photo of it when it is done. I can post the photo for you or you can post it via the form that you used to write this question. My readers would love to see it and your daughter can write a story to go with it. We love stories!

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Oct 28, 2010
The Best Cake Support System
by: Lorelie

I recently found the BEST cake support system for wedding cakes.

See my tiered cake stand page with a written review on Cake Stackers.

Dec 12, 2013
Transporting a 6 tiered cake
by: Leanne

Hi I am making a 6 tiered cake and it will be traveling quite a distance I can't go to the venue to set it up as it's for a client and it's in a rural area. So I'm gonna put it in a moving box use royal icing and a decent support system and hope it stays together.

Good Luck. Leanne Let us know how it goes ok?

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