Traveling far far away with cake

by Evan B

Hi Lorelie,

I stumbled upon your website yesterday and I have to say this is the most informational site I've found so far so I thank you for that! I actually have a couple of questions.

Q1. My friends asked me to make their wedding cake (so exciting) only problem is, their wedding is in Georgia and I live in Texas. My first thought was to fly with a few cakes pre-made in a sturdy box that I can either place in the overhead or underneath the seat. I was hoping to get your thoughts on this or anyone else that sees this!

I think I'm going to make the cake 12in-8in-6in. When I get to GA there will be a kitchen I can use, but I'll only be getting there 2 days before the wedding so I don't know if it would be completely out of control if I had to get there Thursday, bake and decorate all day Friday? If the cakes were frozen I feel like theoretically they should fly well right?


First of all thank you for the comment on my website. I am so happy that you are finding good information here.

I would opt for flying with the cakes. I have flown with a cake before but never a wedding cake. Your cake is manageable due to the sizes of the tiers and the fact that they will be nice and cold.

You should probably ask the airlines about it too. The stewardesses were able to
put mine up front. It was only one box though. I was flying from Ct to North Carolina and then driving a few hours.

Q2. The cake is going to be covered in fondant, but do you have an estimate of about how long buttercream is ok to be sitting out? If I filled the cake and crumb coated it on Friday and then covered it with fondant, would it be ok to sit out over night into Saturday? I know you can't refrigerate fondant, but I've never figured out how long you could leave butter cream un-refrigerated.


Buttercream will keep for a couple of days out of the fridge, but try to keep it in a cool place. The fondant will protect it somewhat. So your cake will be fine until Saturday.

Q3. Last question :) When stacking wedding cakes, how many layers is traditional for each tier? 2 or 3?
Thank you so much!!!


I usually do two layers each for every tier because the cakes are a little sturdier, but have done three layers. Traditionally I believe it's two and three layers, but have seen cakes with many more layers.

Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to ask as many questions as needed. Good luck and I would love to see a photo of your finished cake. I'm sure my readers would also love that. You can submit it as another post.

Have Fun!!!!

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May 02, 2010
by: Evan B

Thank you so much! You have no idea how helpful this is.. shortly after I wrote up my questions I realized I may have to make the cake a little larger, but I still think it'll be ok flying (I'm thinking 14 x10x6) I will definitely be asking the flight attendants! Thankfully my boyfriend will be with me so the cakes are going to be his carry-on too :) And I will most definitely let you know how it turns out..its still a few months away!

May 02, 2010
Your Welcome!!!
by: Lorelie

Oh I am so glad that I could help. And it's good that your boyfriend will be with you to help out. You should be fine.

Check with the airlines just to be sure about bringing cakes on the airplane. The rules may have changed since I did it quite a few years back. It would be awful if you got to the airport and they wouldn't let you take them on with you.

Looking forward to your picture and post in a few months.

Oct 28, 2010
Traveling Wedding Cakes Dream!
by: Lorelie

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Nov 03, 2010
Fuit Cake Express
by: lorraine fraser

Hi thought I would drop a line to you all. I offered to make my brothers wedding cake, our family recipe. The only problem is I didn't have a cake tin big enough and my oven wasn't big enough. This is after I had mixed the cake batter and chopped all the fruit which had been soaking for a few days as well.

To my horror I panicked and rushed to our local bakery Krustys at nth Narrabeen and they were fantastic they baked it off and iced it for me. We now have to travel 750 hundred klms by public transport to get it there. Australia is a big country, so we have to go from Sydney by train to Dubbo and then get a bus to Lighting Ridge. We will leave Sydney at 6.45am and arrive in lighting ridge at 6.30pm. Hopefully it will all go smoothly please wish us luck.

Lorraine Fraser Narrabeen NSW Australia.

Nov 03, 2010
Wow what a story!
by: Lorelie

Talk about stress. WOW! That was so nice of Krustys Bakery to bake off and frost the cake for you.

Good luck on delivering your cake. It will be a long trip, but you will get through it and have quite a story to tell after it's all over.

Please let us know how it went afterward and send a picture if you can.

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