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Oct 16, 2010
Thanks for quick reply & 3 other questions
by: Chris

Hi Lorelie,

Thanks so much for the quick response. Makes sense that the hot sugar syrup will take care of the eggs in the buttercream frosting. Also, thanks for the suggestion of the meringue powder and I notice you have a recipe for royal icing using meringue powder. I have 3 other questions and hope its ok to ask here:
First, re: using food color in your frosting/fondant etc. I have read not to use liquid food color as it thins frosting etc. My question is which kind is better to use. I notice there are two kinds, one is a gel type and other is a paste type (as they are fairly expensive per color- I want to invest in best one.)
Second, I read where you suggest to fill cakes and freeze, is this also true if you have a raspberry or other fruit filling? I thought this would make things soggy as they thaw out?
Last, I love the "gold work" I see on cakes, but I have been to global sugar art etc and have read other sites, and there are endless different types of "gold" dust, disco dust, luster dust,and numerous colors of gold to purchase. How do people achieve beautiful "gold items" on their cakes? I know about gold leaf, but I would really like a suggestion on which kind of "gold" dust to purchase, as these are very small and costly. Hoping you can help and thanks again for your baking "wisdom"..

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