Using eggs in buttercream frosting and royal icing

by Chris
(Milpitas, California)

Meringue From Raw Egg Whites

Meringue From Raw Egg Whites

Hi Lorelie,

I just found your site and it is the most informative of all that I have found. Thanks so much for your videos and instructions for those of us out here.
My question is regarding using raw eggs in the buttercream frosting, royal icing etc. Everything I hear is not to consume eggs if not cooked. I make butter-cream frosting but don't use eggs. I am certain yours is much better. And I would like to try your recipe and your royal icing recipe, as well. What are your thoughts on this, as you have been doing this for so long. I appreciate any help you can offer.


First of all Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my website. I am happy to help. using eggs in buttercream frosting is safe because the hot sugar syrup actually cooks them. I can't say the same for the royal icing, because it doesn't require hot syrup. But I do use lemon juice which I believe does sort of cook the whites because of the acidity in them. You can use a meringue powder which may be safer. I usually do use the egg whites raw and beaten then add a ton of confectioners sugar and a little lemon juice.

I hope that helps. The Italian Meringue Buttercream is one step better than the usual.

Link to my royal icing recipes. Cake Decorating Frosting.

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