What cake flavors and cake fillings for a plain bride?

by Jovana
(United Kingdom)


I've been recommended to bake and decorate a wedding cake for a teacher in my school. I am in the Culinary Arts, I have taken a few decorating classes, and I also have decorated birthday cakes before. So I'm not jumping into this blind, if you know what I mean.

When I met with the bride, I learned that she doesn't eat much cake and is satisfied easily. I gave her a mini chocolate-on-chocolate sample and decorated it with a shell tip, and she thought it was adorable.

After she had a tasted, she told me she would much rather prefer a vanilla-on-chocolate. Although, she hasn't yet informed me of a specific flavor! If the cake is extremely basic, she might as well ask me to decorate a dummy cake for show and buy cake from a near by market for her guest.

What flavours and fillings would you recommend for a plain bride? I would love to surprise her with a delicious cake, but I'm not sure if she'll feel overwhelmed by it. The wedding is in September and her central colour is Sage. Can you please help me? Also, how will I know if you replied?

Thank you,

Hi Jojo,
Why don't you give my orange cake a try with the white chocolate buttercream and fresh berries. I call it white chocolate raspberry supreme.

It's much like a white recipe but one step better with the orange juice and zest. The white chocolate buttercream is light and subtle. The berries are a nice surprise too.

It's a winner whenever I make it for a bride and groom. Let me know if you do make it because I want to know how it came out and what the bride and groom think of it.

Tip: it is best served at room temperature, so if you sample her on it make sure it is not cold or the buttercream will be hard.

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