White cake

by Carolanne
(Québec, Canada)

Hi!! First congratulations for your wonderful website, it is very nice. (Sorry for my bad English sometimes...)

Okay, well I have some questions,

1-: I have made your ''Easy wedding cake'' recipe. I have found that the cake it was crumbly. And it was breakable when I have cut the top of the cake. I would like to know if it's normal?

I have been baking this cake at 350 for 45 minutes (because at 35 min, the cake is not cooked inside...). Tell me if I am on the good way or not! (laughs). It is your recipe that you do for your weddings and birthday cakes? Thank you for all that you will respond me!

Hi Carolanne, Thanks for the nice compliment on my website. It is possible that you may be over beating the egg whites. The white cake does have a tendency to be dry if you over bake too,so you have to be careful and keep a close watch. Try 40 minutes next time or adjust your oven temperature a little lower.(I use a lower temperature in my oven (325) Are you baking them in layers or one big pan? If you are doing one big (deep) pan this can also become a problem as you have to bake the cakes longer. Try baking the cakes in thinner layers. Take a look at the chart that I have on amounts of batter per pan on my Baking Tips page.

This yellow cake recipe is easy to
make and is not dry.

Another suggestion is to brush a simple syrup onto each layer to put some moisture back into the cake. A lot of bakeries do this and you can add flavorings like vanilla or almond extract or liqueurs to add interest.

2- When you make wedding cakes (with 3 tiers and more) what cake do you recommend? I know that some cakes have don't the resistance because they are so moist.

As long as you dowel the cakes, almost any cake will work. Just make sure you use a firm filling with a lighter cake. Whipped cream and slippery creamy filling will not hold up as well. You need to have a filling that will act as a glue. Buttercream or ganache works well for this.

3-And then, did you have take a course on cakes for doing your career? I think maybe take this is a new way for me, making weddings cakes, cupcakes, etc. But I don't know if it's better for me of take a course or is not necessary? I'm living in Québec, Canada. Thanks for all!!

It's always a positive thing to take courses and learn as much as possible before taking on this career. Having said that I am mostly self taught. I took a cake decorating course before my first wedding cake and then learned from other pastry chefs along the way. Here is the full story of my progression. I am still learning from others even after 25 plus years.

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Dec 30, 2010
by: Carolanne

Oh yes maybe! Maybe that I too beat my egg whites... That's possible. I have been baking my recipe in two layers cakes of 8 inches. Ok so, maybe the next time I will bake for 40 min.s in my oven or put lower degree.. Like 325?

Yes try 325

I'm really happy, I am learning always from you.!!
Thank you again
I am so happy to help :-)
I am going to move the other half of your post to the business questions page because my answer can help others there. I will answer it in the morning ok? I am very tired from decorating all day LOL!!!


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