White Wedding Cake Recipe Amounts?

by Renee

Hi I am making your white wedding cake recipe and need to know the amount of ingredients needed. I'm going to be baking the wedding cake in the next couple weeks.

I was just looking at your site and found the part where you explain how much batter I will need for a different size cake.

We are making an 8",10", 12", 14" size cakes, and we will be using the recipe for the white wedding cake recipe you have.

Would it be possible to get the amount of ingredients?

I will be using a kitchen aid mixer but it only handles 12 cups of flour. I hope you can help me!

Thank you

Hi Renee, I would do the recipe times 2 or 3 at the most at once in that size mixer. You may be able to fit 12 cups of flour in the mixer by itself but you will be adding a lot more ingredients.

For those sizes assuming 2 layers of each size, I would prepare the recipe x3- three times to play it safe. If you have extra, great you can make some cupcakes...That means you will need a total of:
  • 27 cups of flour

  • 9 Tablespoons of baking powder

  • 4 1/2 teaspoons of salt

  • 9 cups of butter

  • 18 cups of sugar

  • 32 eggs

  • 9 cups of milk

  • 9 teaspoons of vanilla

Now if you divide those totals by three you will get the amounts for one batch. (you will need to make three batches.) I hope that is clear enough.

You will probably have to take the batter ( before you add the beaten egg whites to it )and pour it into a large bowl. Clean the Kitchen Aid bowl really well to get all of the grease out and whip the whites. Now you can fold the whites in using an over sized bowl. This makes it so much nicer when folding and you can use your hands(well cleaned of course), which is the way I prefer to do it.

Pleas double check my math. Its sometimes a bit shaky, but I did check and recheck. Also I would suggest making the recipe times one once as a tester cake.

Good luck and please let me know how it goes. Would LOVE to see a photo of your cake someday on the wedding cake sharing page.

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