Cake Decorating Tips Question

by Cindy

Credit: Miche Bacher and Nanao Anton from Sacred Sweets, featured in Brides magazine September 2011

Credit: Miche Bacher and Nanao Anton from Sacred Sweets, featured in Brides magazine September 2011

I would like some cake decorating tips on creating a wedding cake similar to one I found in the September 2011 issue of BRIDES, page 310.

I have attached the picture of the cake. Do you have any cake decorating tips on how to create these large smooth ruffles and the golden edges?

What is a good recipe for this kind of frosting? Will this frosting hold up in Florida June humidity and heat? Thanks in advance!

Hi Cindy,

Very cool cake. It looks to me that the ruffles are made using fondant and the edges are painted using edible gold dust.

I noticed some of their other designs had painted edges using silver and various other colors. I love this cake decorating technique.

To re create something similar, I would roll out sheets of fondant and either cut out semi circular pieces or roll them in such a way that they end up roughly in that shape. One side of the piece should be straight so you can wrap it around the cake.

Experiment a little with sizes and how long you need the pieces to be. Overlap them using either frosting, water or a mixture of fondant and water to glue the pieces to each other.

It is similar to constructing a fondant or gumpaste rose. Just think of each cake as a very large rose with the cake being the center. Once dry you can use a mixture of gold dust
powder and a small amount of almond extract to paint the edges using a small paintbrush.

This is going to require a lot of fondant and patience. I have a recipe on this website that you can use. Or you can order pre-made fondant. (I would highly recommend this option) It will save you a lot of time and effort. I use Satin Ice. Fondant must be kept covered or it will dry out. So keep it covered while you are working on each piece. Here is the link to all of the fondant information on this website.Fondant pages.

The cake should be covered in buttercream frosting first and then the fondant ruffles can be attached.

You asked if the frosting will hold up in the heat. It depends on where your cake will be set up and how you store it before the event. Buttercream will eventually melt, and fondant will get sticky and shiny if it goes from cold to hot. So if you have a cool spot in the house, maybe an air conditioned room, store your finished cake there for an overnight stay.

When delivering your fondant wedding cake box it and either use dry ice (if it is a long distance) or use an air conditioned vehicle, and keep it out of direct sun. Most likely the venue will be air conditioned. I would not display the cake outside in Florida in the summer.

Cake in photo by Miche Bacher:Sacred Sweets

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Sep 22, 2011
Cake Decorating Tip
by: MsSherrieJ

Hello Cindy,

Gorgeous cake! The design is not hard to replicate but it will be time consuming.

You could try cutting out circles in a fondant/gumpaste mix and then cut them in half and thinning the edges that would be trimmed in the luster dust. The fondant/gumpaste mix would be easier to thin the edges of the half circles before placing them on the cake.

To thin the edges use a ball tool and roll it around the half circle arc with the ball half on/half off the arc. Gives a cleaner look for edges.

Start layering the half circles from the top so that their bottom rims are covered by the next layer. The second layer should start by centering between where two of the top half circles meet.

Hope this helps! I'd love to see a picture once it's done.

Sep 22, 2011
Thanks for the tips
by: Lorelie

Thank you so much for adding your expertise on the fondant cake. It's great when someone comes along and adds really great information.

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