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Can I freeze a buttercream and fondant cake

by Christina

So I am making a baby shower cake and it is a week away. We are going on vacation and I have to make it ahead of time. The bottom of the cake is covered with buttercream.

I am wondering if I can put small pieces of fondant decorations on the cake and still be able to freeze it??

Also, the top tier is all fondant, can I safely freeze this?


Hi Christina, I would not recommend putting your fondant pieces on until the day of the event. The fondant may get moist and sticky. If there is coloring in the fondant it may drip onto the buttercream. This happened to me once and I had to re do all of the decorations. It was a mess.

I generally don't recommend refrigerating or freezing a fondant cake. But I did run into a similar situation where the cake had to be made ahead and frozen all decorated. It turned out ok but it was shiny. I prefer the porcelain finish of the matte fondant.

If you do freeze or refrigerate your fondant cakes make sure they are in box that is as airtight as possible. Remove the box from the fridge a few hours prior and then remove the cake from the box after it has time to come to room temperature. The point is to avoid condensation.

Here is a link to all of my fondant cake decorating pages for you with pictures, video instructions, making fondant flowers, rolled fondant cakes, marshmallow fondant recipe, a scratch fondant recipe, and all kinds of cake decorating ideas.

I hope that helps you with your question and I am sure one of my visitors will also be able to add some tips for you as well.

Good luck with your baby shower cake:-)

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