Carrot Cake as Wedding Cake

A Carrot Cake Wedding Cake

A Carrot Cake Wedding Cake

I was wondering if its possible to have a 4 tier carrot cake as a wedding cake.

The answer is Oh yes!!! It is my all time favorite recipe for a wedding cake. I make it often for brides. The carrot cake recipe on this website works well for a 4 tiers.

The secret, especially if it is heavy, is the internal structure, whether it be wooden dowels or metal Cake Stackers. The doweling keeps each tier from weighing down on the tier below.

You may want to check the Stackers out. They are amazing. I use them now for perfectly centered and straight tiers and safe delivery too.

See my review of these wedding cake supports.

The very best of the
carrot recipes is this one here. It has pineapple, coconut, walnuts and pureed carrots. I have used this one exclusively, for over 25 years now and everyone who tries it says "it's amazing" including folks who say they don't like carrot cake.

I don't see any reason for you not to use the carrot, as I have been doing them for years without an issue.

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