Freezing Decorated Cakes

by Julia

I need to know about freezing decorated cakes. I want to make my son's wedding cake. My daughter is worried that I won't be ready for photographs because I will be too busy with the cake.

Can I bake, frost, decorate almost complete and freeze them several days or weeks before the wedding?

Can I decorate all except for the colored decorations? I see cakes in the freezers of grocery stores.I don't get to do much for the wedding, this is something I especially want to do. If I frosted the cakes, how long could they stay in a cooler before the wedding if freezing is not the option? I look forward to you words of wisdom.


Hi Julia, You most definitely can have the cakes decorated and ready for delivering a couple of days prior to the event. I almost always have my cakes close to completion a couple of days ahead. Go to this page to order my new ebook on this site and see my ebook which has all the onformation you will need to prepare the cakes ahead.

You can bake them a month ahead if you need to and freeze them as long as you wrap them well. You can even fill them and crumb coat them way ahead. Then the final week just final coat and decorate. At which point you would leave them in the fridge until delivery time. Any final touches you can do at the reception hall a few hours before the actual event and before you get ready for the pictures. There are several posts about freezing cakes ahead of time on my question and answer pages. Browse through those a little too. Hope that helps and feel free to ask more questions if you need to.

P.S. I made my son's wedding cake! And desserts too. Here is his Chocolate Stout Cake and I was still able to get ready for the photographs. Please let us know if you went ahead with the cake and send a photo in. Thanks for visiting and asking a great question about freezing decorated cakes!

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