Chocolate Stout Cake


Chocolate stout cake is a rich chocolate layer cake filled with chocolate ganache.  I serendipitously discovered this amazing dessert while having lunch at the Barrington Brew Pub. I am so glad I did :-)

The restaurant is located in Great Barrington Massachusetts. 

"I used the Stout cake recipe with Double Chocolate Stout plus Mackinaw Island Fudge Stout (I buy it at Cork and Cap in Jackson Michigan)mixed together, Dark Chocolate Ganache for the icing and Candy Clay for the accessories. It is my most requested Groom's cake. It's the beer thing for the guys! lol"

~Colleen Charles-Mother of the bride"

After sampling this amazing cake for dessert I asked the waitress where they got such a wonderful chocolate layer cake recipe. She disappeared into the kitchen for a while. When she returned, much to my surprise, she handed me a copy of the original handwritten recipe.

Turns out the cake is made with a stout, which is a generic term for the strongest or stoutest of beers. I was so excited, because my oldest sons wedding was coming up and he just happens to be a huge Guinness stout fan. Now I could make him a unique chocolate wedding cake. This recipe calls for Guinness but you can use any kind of stout that you like as Colleen Charles talks about in the above testimonial.

NEW!!!Video Of The Chocolate Stout Recipe

Watch this short video on preparing your cake pans.

Link to the video on YouTube

"I almost had to fist fight someone at my own wedding for the last piece of the grooms cake to give to Chad! I have never seen a cake go so fast!"

~Andrea Williams Clark~

Bride cutting groom's cake

Photo of Andrea above by Sonja from Sunny Trees Photography 

Chocolate Stout Cake

Barrington brew pub logo

Bon Apetite magazine featured this GREAT recipe here on Epicurious. Once a year we visit the Barrington Brew Pub in Great Barrington. One of the first sights to see is a mile high dark chocolate layered cake filled and frosted  with rich chocolate ganache underneath a glass dome accompanied by a big tray of apple crumble. Yum!!!

The Original Video of the Chocolate Guinness Stout Cake

This video was made years ago when I first started my website and YouTube Channel. AND it is my son's wedding cake. It has a special place in my heart so I'm keeping it around :-) Watch if you dare LOL. It's a sweet video.


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