How do I attach crystal cake trim to an all buttercream wedding cake?

by Amber
(Milwaukee, WI)

Cake Photo From Toppers With Glitz

Cake Photo From Toppers With Glitz

I've just agreed to do my first wedding cake and the bride wants crystal cake trim at the bottom of each tier. (I'm not sure if that is the correct term for it but I'm talking about the bands that resemble a diamond tennis bracelet except about an inch tall.)

The problem is that she wants an all buttercream cake. So how do I attach that to buttercream? I read the tutorial on how to attach ribbon to buttercream but I didn't think that method would work for this. Any help on this would be very much appreciated!

ANSWER: Hi Amber, The photo above is from Toppers With Glitz and shows what the crystal cake trim looks like. I have not used it as of yet, but I would consider putting it directly onto the buttercream while the cake is cold. The frosting will act as a glue to hold the trim on place. Use a pin where the ends meet and make sure to tell whomever is cutting the cake to remove them.

I imagine your concern is the oil from the soft icing ruining the trim? I am guessing that it will not show with this particular type of ribbon. The only way to know is to give it a trial run on a small cake.

Another thought that I had was to first put a thin ribbon of fondant or gumpaste around each tier and then attach the crystal cake trim to that. What ever you decide to do please let us know ok? Would love to see and hear how your first wedding cake comes out.

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Good luck with your first wedding cake :-)
Hopefully some of my Facebook followers and or Wedding Cakes For You readers will chime in here as well and have some fabulous idea for the trim.

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Jun 27, 2012
Attaching ribbon to buttercream
by: Patricia Dalton

I have not tried this , but it sounds like it would work. Take waxed paper, lay it on the inside of the ribbon and iron it..not too hot. This will supposedly apply a layer of wax to the back fo the ribbon and prevent grease from seeping through.

Jul 31, 2012
Crystal Band on Cake potentially dangerous
by: Anonymous

I would advise against attaching the crystal band directly to the cake. It is almost a guarantee that the crystal band is not food safe, and allowing the metal backing, which could contain lead, will contaminate the cake. It will also give the cake a horrible metallic taste. I advise covering the back of the crystal band with with wax paper first or other barrier, such as ribbon.

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