Thawing and frosting grooms cake

by Sonja

I have baked, filled and crumb coated a grooms cake. Do I thaw completely before applying the final frosting or frost while still frozen?

When thawing in the refrigerator, do I leave the cake wrapped or unwrapped? I am worried about 'sweating' or condensation.

Also, have you used chocolate ganache as a frosting and how does it compare to buttercream? Thanks so much!

Answer: Hi Sonja, You can frost your cakes frozen or thaw them a little bit in the refrigerator before frosting. As long as you place the cakes back into the fridge for a while after icing them. Than let them thaw completely in the refrigerator. The sweating or condensation will only occur if a very cold cake is left out in a warm room.

Leave your cakes unwrapped once they are frosted with your final buttercream coat. Just make sure there are not strong odors in there as the buttercream will absorb them a bit.

I have used chocolate ganache as a frosting and as a glaze and its works beautifully. The only challenge is getting the ganache just the right temperature for spreading and keeping it there while you are working with it. I prefer buttercream as it spreads nicely and is not as sensitive. Chocolate ganache makes a nice filling as well and really holds a cake together as it firms up.

I hope that helps you with your thawing and frosting grooms cake question. Good luck and please add your cake to the Groom's Cake page so we can see how it turns out and share your story or tip for us. Thanks for visiting and asking some great questions.

Here is a link to most of the freezing cakes Q&A's on this site. Some of the information there could be helpful to you as well.

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Oct 28, 2011
by: Kimmy NZ

Hi, I have never used ganache but I have looked into how it is applied for future reference. I looked on youtube and found about 4 good vid's with ladies that had different ideas of how to use and I found it very helpful. The Australians tend to use ganache rather than buttercream but I like the U.S way. Have fun finishing you cake.

Oct 29, 2011
by: Lorelie

Thanks Kimmy for your comment. I love how versatile ganache is. I'm learning a lot about how cake decorators do things in the UK from you. Thank you VERY much for your input :-)

Oct 29, 2011
Mixin it up!
by: Kimmy NZ

He he he!!! I am a bit of a mixture. I lived in UK until 10 yrs ago. Watched an auntie make cake's - the old fashioned way. Lot's of delicate flowers and marzipan. Married a Kiwi who lived and worked in the U.S. Learned lots about pie's and yummy U.S stuff. Then moved to N.Z. Which is a lovely country but they just don't sell the products that we cake makers are used to in UK and USA.

Look forward to seeing what happens to this grooms cake and which way it was made.

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