Wedding Cake Filling

by Ashley
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Hi there,

A couple I know asked me to make their wedding cake and are interested in a chocolate cake with a white buttercream covering (no fondant). I was hoping for some suggestions of combinations other than say, devils food cake with buttercream.

I'm really looking to incorporate coffee or some fresh fruits but am stuck on how the white buttercream can fit into the equation.

Thank you!

Lorelie's Response
Hi Ashley,

Great question. I have a few yummy ideas. There are two fantastic chocolate cake recipes on this website that I specifically use. They get rave reviews EVERY time. So here are the links to both.

Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

Buttermilk chocolate cake recipe which has coffee added to it. I use this one more because of it's simplicity and moistness. It is an oil based recipe with buttermilk and is a very thin batter. It bakes up fine though and I have never had an issue with it. Even when it looks like its not behaving, it turns out fine. ;-)


A chocolate stout recipe which contains either a Guiness Stout which I use, or any other rich floavored Stout you can find. Stout is a type of beer. The recipe contains butter which is nice for flavor and firmness but is not as moist as the first choice above. It is REALLY good though. I made it for my sons wedding because he is a Guinness fan. Also nice to do as a grooms cake.

Wedding Cake Filling Recipes and Ideas

Instead of plain buttercream why not addwhite chocolate to it? This makes it extra smooth and adds a wonderful flavor burst. It can be used as a filling and frosting. Combined with fresh raspberries, this is a winner as a flavor combination with chocolate. Srawberries would be great too.

Another tried and true filling ordered frequently by couples is the chocolate mousse This recipe is made with butter and once cooled firms up and works very well to hold the layers together. Plus it's amazingly delicious. Again you can add fresh fruit. Be cautious when adding fruit. Make sure the fruit is not too wet. Fresh raspberries fit the bill perfectly and you can even break them in half when you place them in the filling if you want to "stretch" them a little.

I hope that helps you in choosing the best possible cake recipe,wedding cake filling and frosting for this special occassion.

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May 23, 2016
fillings for a 9 x 13 inch cake
by: Linda

Hi there:

I'm baking my own cake for my wedding in August. We are flying to Vegas and returning on Thursday 08/25. Then a reception potluck BBQ at a park in approximately 80 degree heat. My question is; Can I torte my cake of 9x13, and put fillings for a neapolitan look? I was thinking of vanilla buttercream, chocolate butter cream and strawberry buttercream for the filling and a vanilla buttercream icing. Will a cake like this hold up in the heat?


May 23, 2016
Neopolitan Buttercream
by: Lorelie

Hi Linda, Congratulations. Keep the cakes cold for as long as possible. That's the best advice I can give. Buttercream is your best bet. You should be fine.

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