Carrot Cake Icing Question

by DJ

Can I use Carrot cake icing on a wedding cake? I have a bride requesting a carrot with cream cheese icing for one of their layers, pound cake as the other.

I have only worked with butter cream frosting on wedding cakes. How smooth can I get the cream cheese frosting and can you use it as decorating frosting?

How well does it work making a stacked one with different icings?

Hi DJ, My suggestion would be to use the cream cheese icing as a filling and a crumb coat only. Then finish off the entire cake with buttercream so that it all matches nicely.

You may want to put a ring of buttercream around the edge and in between the layers that you are filling. This will form an even more stable dam to secure the sometimes slippery cream cheese filling.

The cream cheese frosting is not the best to use for decorating, although I have done this in the past basket weaving my sister in laws wedding cake with it. I have since changed my ways and almost exclusively use buttercream. It is the most stable for decorating in my opinion.

Have you tried my Best Carrot Recipe? Thanks for a great question. Good luck to you.

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7 layer cake

Question: I work in a restaurant and have a request from a customer for a 7-layer cake. A carrot cake to be more specific. Have been unable to find one. Would you be able to help? Thank you. Love your site.

Answer Thanks for the nice comment.
I have several carrot cake recipes. I recommend trying my best carrot cake recipe and making it into a 7 layer cake. Just bake two layers and then slice them into two layers each. Fill in between each and you will have a 7 layer carrot cake supreme. I use this recipe exclusively and its tried and true.

The other one that stands out is this moist carrot cake recipe from the Frog Commissary. It has grated carrots versus pureed ( i love the pureed ) But it's the filling that is so unique with this one. Do a tester first though as I have never made that one. You will find a link to the blog post about that particular one at the main recipe page for carrot.

I hope this helps you out in your 7 layer cake quest.

Let us know how it turns out ok?

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