Drip Cakes

Plain or loaded drip cakes seem to get a lot of ooh's and ahh's. I absolutely love creating these whimsical cakes!!!

These also make wonderful and whimsical wedding cakes, but just for fun I am experimenting to see what type of combinations work well together. 

See How to Make a Drip Cake

Two for one. I share two very different designs in the video. A semi naked one with fresh flowers and one that is fully frosted and loaded . Both are covered in chocolate ganache. 

If you search around the internet on places like Pinterest and Facebook you will see just how popular this style has become. The options seem to be endless and you don't need any special skills to create one.  Following are two designs to get you started....

For this fun cake I used my chocolate ganache recipe, easy buttercream and orange butter cake. (links are listed below) The pretty pink plate (found on a treasure hunt at Saver's thrift store) was the kickoff for the inspiration of this design. 

It's All in The Details

chocolate drip cakeChocolate Ganache Drippy Cake

Cake Embellishments

Some of the goodies on top and on the sides of this loaded drip cake were purchased and some of them  I made. Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouline's  (the tall round creme filled wafers) are great for adding height, the macaroons and pink meringue kisses are good fillers, the gold glitter and pink and gold dragees always add beauty and whimsy.  

An extra buttercream flower in the freezer from a previous wedding design acted as a nice accent. Melted dark chocolate spread onto waxed paper then hardened in the freezer makes a quick and easy decoration for a backdrop.

Close up of chocolate drip cakeExtreme Close Up Of All The Yumminess

Same Cake...More Colorful Candies

Since this was meant to be an adventure I decided to enhance the original cake to make it a little more festive. The additional ornamentation includes gumpaste curly ribbons, a mix of confetti, more meringue kisses and French macaroons plus I removed the chocolate backdrop so that the Pirouline's would be center stage. 

chocolate drip cake loaded upFully Loaded

A Close Up Of A Fully Loaded Design!

This cake is fit for just about any celebration. Try varying color themes to match the season or party colors. Go to your local cake decorating or crafts shop and load up on sprinkles, candies and premade accents so when the time comes you can get really creative. I recently started hoarding sprinkles and dragees of every size and color, mixing and matching them to create my own unique combinations.

Have fun putting your personal stamp on your own drip cakes. Thanks for visiting. 

Top view of the fully loaded drip cakeTop View Of The Rainbow of Colorful Candies

The Recipes I Used

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