Ganache, Mousse, or Whipped Cream Based Fillings

by Jen

Chocolate ganache makes a great filling for fondant cakes

Chocolate ganache makes a great filling for fondant cakes

Hi Lorelie,

I am making a couple wedding cakes this summer that are supposed to be fondant covered. I know that refrigeration breaks down the fondant so I was wondering if the ganache, mousse, or other whipped cream based fillings on your website are temperature safe or if they need to be refrigerated?

If they can't go unrefrigerated, can you tell me how long they can safely be left out of the refrigerator? Or, do you know of any filling recipes that would be safe to use? I have been searching all over and can't seem to find a good answer to this question anywhere.
Thanks so Much! :)

Hi Jen,

The chocolate ganache would be a great choice for a filling for a fondant cake. The mousse is out of the question and the whipped cream as well. The chocolate ganache can stay out for a couple of days inside the cakes.

I tend to go for the buttercreams when making a fondant wedding cake. You can flavor them in a lot of ways and they stay fresh for a couple of days if need be.

Keep the cakes in a cool spot in the house once they are covered in the sugar paste and cover lightly with plastic and or in a box to protect it.

Here is the link to the chocolate ganache recipe, which I make using Ghirardelli chocolate.

Easy buttercream recipe using confectioners sugar.

Italian meringue buttercream using a cooked sugar syrup and whipped egg whites.

Both of these icing recipes can be flavored by using extracts, fruit preserves, fresh fruit, lemon curd, melted chocolate, cocoa, nuts, peanut butter or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Here are some related posts about filling, and the best cakes to use for fondant cakes.

Moist cake recipe and filling for fondant cakes.

More on fondant, filling and Satin Ice fondant.

Filling a cake.

I hope that helps you out. Happy Cake Decorating :-)

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Apr 04, 2012
Icing for the cake center
by: Anonymous

For my son's wedding cake, I made a red velvet cake with fluffy white frosting from the can- it tastes marshmallowy and soft, but not too sweet- a very good icing for the middle and yet can stay out. Try a test run first and see what you think. My daughter in law's uncle went nuts over the cake and still talks about it.

Thanks for the tip. :-)

Apr 04, 2012
Canned Frosting
by: Lorelie

Thanks anonymous. That is a good tip, if you are not opposed to making your own filling, the canned stuff would certainly be a consideration. Do you remember which brand you used?


Apr 04, 2012
by: Colleen

There are filling in sleeves that come in lots of flavors. You could choose one that compliments your cake and mix it in with your choice of buttercream and wallah-a moussey (technical cake word)filling! lol

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