Recipe for a three tiered chocolate cake

by Kristins
(Farmville, North Carolina)

I'm making a three tiered wedding cake and don't have a clue of where to start with the batter

Please Help! I just need a recipe that I can use to make all three of the Tiers!

Hi Kristins, Well you have come to the right place for that because my chocolate cake recipe for is amazing! You will find it here on my chocolate recipe page.

There are measurements for a 12 - 8 and 6 inch or 14 -10 -6 inch three tiered wedding cake. I usually use the chocolate mousse recipe filling for this one, sometimes with raspberries. The chocolate ganache is also amazing with that recipe.

Buttercream icing recipes are here try the easy buttercream or the wedding cake frosting for the outer part.

Please send a photo and tell us which recipes you used and how the cakes turn out. WE would LOVE to see it. Form to upload pics and stories

Thank you for visiting and good luck! :-)

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Sheet Cake Recipe

by Amber
(Seymour Tn)

Question: I have been searching and searching for a 12x18 sheet cake recipe!(I usually use boxed cake mixes but they are too soft!) I can't find one that will give me a a full recipe without having to double it and so on. I need a firm but moist recipe. I don't know if I should go with a pound cake, sponge, or regular! Can you help??? Thanks!


Answer: My suggestion for a sheet cake recipe that is firm and moist are these butter cake recipes

I use them regularly for mine. The orange butter cake recipe in particular is my favorite. It can be converted to vanilla by using milk instead of orange juice.

You didn't say if the cake was a one layer or two. If it is only one than you will need 14 to 15 cups of batter for that size pan. This means you will have to double the recipes.

If it is two layers than you may have to quadruple it. I have multiplied the recipes by 6 with no problems for my wedding cakes.

Hope this helps you in your search for a great sheet cake recipe:)

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Can I triple the butter cake recipe?

by KIM
(Mississauga,ON Canada)

First off, your website, is the best site I've come across to date! Very informative. I was asked to make a wedding cake and it'll be roughly a 3 tier square (6,8,10 inch) my question is this...Can I somehow triple the butter cake recipe?

I love how you put for the buttermilk chocolate recipe all the different recipe amounts for different sizes. I was hoping you had that for the rest of the flavors. Could you kindly help?
Thanks a million!

Thank you very much for the kind words Kim. Yes you can triple the cake recipe for the butter cake. Before you do that though try the 1-2-3-4- cake. Or as I call it the White wedding cake recipe It is also a butter cake and the one that I use almost exclusively.

The 1-2-3-4 one I do have measured out for you for a larger wedding cake. So I just added the measures for the 10 8 and 6 inch sizes for you. Good suggestion thanks. I was thinking of doing that eventually so now its done at least on that butter one. LOL...

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Doubling a Wedding Cake Recipe

by Helen
(Wexford, Ireland)

Hi there,

I'm looking for some help with regards to baking my friends wedding cake. I need to double the recipe to allow for more servings but I don't know how much to alter the other aspects by, ie size of tin, baking time and baking temperature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Helen, I will need to know how many people you are planning on serving to know what size tin to recommend. Also if you could tell me what recipe you are using that would be helpful. Are you planning a tiered or a sheet cake?

The baking times for the batter will be longer in the larger pans, you will just have to keep checking them as they are baking. Start by setting the timer at 35 minutes or so and then check every 5 - 10 minutes after that. Use the look, touch and smell method to check for doneness.

They should rise and have a firm touch, and the aroma will fill your kitchen as it's getting closer. You can also use a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake. If the toothpick comes out clean, it is done. (if you don't have toothpicks use a piece of thin spaghetti.)

Baking temperature may have to be reduced slightly to allow for a slow cooking and not burn on the edges.

Please send me additional information in the comments section below this post so I can assist you with what size pans to use etc.

Here is a link to baking tips and batter amounts on this website.

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Doubling or tripling a recipe

by Mary
(St. Paul,MN)


I was wondering if I could double your yellow/white cake recipe in order to make a 12x18 1/2 sheet. I will need two layers of the 12x18 with a filling in the middle.


Mary Bolger

Hi Mary, Sure you can double it. Your question has already been answered, so I will add this post to the others which I merged into one long page. You can find out all you want here about doubling and tripling the recipes here on this site.

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