Rolled fondant on carrot cake?

by Anita

Question: I have made a carrot cake and don't wish to use marzipan. Can I put rolled fondant icing directly onto the cake?

Answer Hi Anita, Yes you can put rolled fondant directly onto a carrot cake, however you may be able to see the cake underneath through it and find it difficult to stick the fondant onto the cake. So my suggestion is to layer some butter cream frosting onto the carrot cake or even carrot cake icing before placing the rolled fondant onto the cake.


Fondant to cover filled cake

by novicebaker

Hi.. this site is really a big help. Can I cover my cake with fondant, filled with chocolate ganache and cherry? thanks. I plan to make it Sunday night for an early Monday b-day celebration.

YES by Lorelie
Hi yes you can. I am learning through helpful visitors that that you can refrigerate Satin Ice Fondant. So if this is so then you can fill your cake with chocolate mousse. Thanks for visiting. Please come back and let us know how it worked out for you.

May 30, 2012
Caribbean trouble!
by: Calypso

I live in a very hot and humid climate. I guess "no fridge tip" doesn't apply to me...or? I can imagine my cake running down the table after half an hour out of fridge :) What will happen to fondant if the cake is put in the fridge?

Jun 03, 2012

by: Lorelie

Hi Calypso, Lately people have been posting that some brands, such as Satin Ice Fondant can be refrigerated with no problems. My experience in the past with fondant has been that it gets shiny and sticky in the fridge and if you have colored pieces for decoration they can run. When the cold fondant meets the warm air your cakes can sweat.

Here is my suggestion. After covering your cakes
with fondant box them and then place in the fridge. Take them out a few hours prior to the event and leave in the boxes to come to room temperature.

Buttercream underneath fondant
by: kcross

Hello, I have baked a few celebration cakes and am a keen sugar modeller. I always use vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream and jam and crumb coat the whole cake with BC before putting the fondant on top. I am bored with plain buttercream but can you crumb coat a cake with anything else underneath fondant?

Other choices
by: Lorelie

Hi yes you can use a white chocolate or even a dark chocolate ganache under a fondant for variety.

by: Karen

Hi, I'm making a red velvet cake, do you think having fondant on top is ok?

Answer by Lorelie

Hi Karen, Sure Karen you can use fondant on a red velvet cake.

First cake
by: Moons80

I have never baked a cake before but decided to bake my first cake for son's birthday in a few days. I am planning on baking a star-shaped cake and cover it with fondant. Since I have never baked a cake and never used fondant for anything before, please, advise what cake do you think I should bake (would appreciate the recipe as well) and what icing/frosting to use on cake before putting fondant (I've already bought 2 containers of Fondarific fondant off of amazon). I really don't care for a flavor of the cake (as long as it is considered traditionally a tasty one) but I want to make sure that it will be easy enough to make for the first-timer.
Many thanks!

Hi A good recipe to use would be the White cake. It is firm for your fondant. Use the easy buttercream frosting on the cake before fondant. Good luck with your start birthday cake :-)

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Mar 01, 2013
Dense Cake??
by: Kelly

I've been making cakes about a year. No formal training (not even a Wilton Anyway, I've got a cake coming up that will require two layers of fondant on it so I'm searching for an extra dense vanilla cake to use. I've tried two different Victorian Sponge Cakes and didn't like the texture on one and the flavor was not pleasant on the other one. Could you recommend a vanilla recipe strong enough to hold two layers of fondant and tastes good? Thanks so much!!

Mar 13, 2013
Two Layers of Fondant
by: Lorelie

Hi Kelly, A hope this response is not too late. I have used the butter cake many times with fondant and it will withstand quite a bit. Use cold cakes when placing the fondant on. I usually fill and crumb coat the cakes and then firm them up in the refrigerator overnight. Hope this helps.

Mar 13, 2014
Fondant on a strawberry cake
by: Anonymous

Hi) I am going to attempt my very first tiered cake for my daughters birthday. She wants strawberries and cream with a fondant over the top. I am completely clueless! Do you know of any good recipes for the cake? And would the fondant hold up? Thank you!

Apr 10, 2014
First Timer
by: Lorelie

Hello, Congratulations on making a first wedding cake. I would not recommend Strawberries and whipped cream in a fondant cake though. You could however use buttercream and strawberries. If I were you I would invest in a how to book. I have the perfect one for you
Apr 08, 2015
making cakes in advance
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm about to try make my own 21st cake with fondant icing but I don't know what recipe to use if I want to make the cake a couple of weeks in advance (I'm going away for a week in between). Will it have to be a fruit cake to last that long, or do you have any carrot or chocolate cake recipes that will keep well? Also what steps to do in advance and what at the last minute?

Aug 12, 2015
Fondant Icing Experience
by: Angela

I made your fondant recipe with cream last week and I could not have asked for a better product to work with. Have not used/made cake fondant for over 10 years and this was by far the best recipe. The icing sugar amount was what I used to make the icing with the Kitchen Aid and then the kneading. The recipe was sufficient to cover an iced three layer square wedding cake - 6 x 6 inches, 8 x 8 inches & 10 x 10 inches. I followed your directions to a tee; however, the fondant was too hard to roll out. I tested a piece of the fondant in the microwave and it worked to perfection to soften the mixture. The rolling, placing over the cakes and the smoothing could not have been better. I did not need to use the fondant smoother that I had purchased. There was no problem whatsoever with the cake corners as the fondant fell to perfection on the whole cake when I lifted the rolled fondant (which was rolled out on large sized parchment paper) and turned it over on the cake. The pure vanilla extract results in the fondant being a faint ivory color whereas using pure almond extract would result in a pure white fondant. I do not know why anyone would consider buying an expensive packaged fondant when this is such an easy delicious fondant that is quite inexpensive to make.
You have a great website. Keep up the good work!

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