Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars cakes are awesome! These two designs are easy to make and fun for any Star Wars fan. I made these for my grandsons who LOVE Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. 

See How to Make It

In the video you will see how to make these awesome cakes dripping with chocolate and loaded with Oreo cookies, Hershey's Kisses, chocolate Star Wars molded candies, sugar sprinkles and dragees. 

You can find chocolate mold set I used in my Amazon shop on this page.  I love it. You can use them to make chocolates like I did in the video, use them to bake or to make ice cubes. 

I'm sharing two designs to help get your creative juices flowing. Use elements of these or come up with an entirely new design of your own.

There are so many characters from the movies that you can incorporate or copy the ones I made if you like.

star wars cake with captain phasmaStar Wars Cake Design for Braden

Use your favorite recipe combinations. I used my chocolate buttermilk cake for the Captain Phasma cake and filled it with Oreo cookie buttercream filling. The Kylo Ren cake was made with my tried and true vanilla cake then filled with lemon curd mixed with buttercream. 

All the links to the recipes are at the bottom of this page.

Star Wars cake with Kylo Ren and white chocolate drips with a Darth Vadar mask.Star Wars Cake Design for Nolan

Cake Details

Captain Phasma from the movie Star WarsCaptain Phasma

I love the look of drip cakes loaded with stuff. I imagine that kids especially would like this type of cake because of all the extra goodies on top. The characters are toys that i purchased as keepsakes for the birthday boys. Some of he cake decorating techniques that you will see in the video are:

  • creating a colorful galaxy effect with buttercream by layering
  • making chocolate shards that look like a galaxy to use as a backdrop 
  • applying a chocolate drip (white and dark)
  • making a Darth Vadar mask out or gumpaste
  • using silicone Star Wars molds to make realistic and detailed accessories 

Kylo Ren on a cakeKylo Ren

Cake Embellishment Thoughts

Plan ahead and make all your chocolate pieces first, have all your buttercream colors ready to go and melted chocolate prepared. Any gumpaste decorations should also be made a day ahead.


My grandchildren were the inspiration for these. I wanted to make something that would make them say "Awesome we have the beat grandma EVER" and it worked :-) As soon as I realized I was going to make Star Wars cakes I bought a really nice set of silicone molds on Amazon. I'm so glad I got these. They make life a lot easier. Since I am not a big fan of making fondant or gumpaste figures, this replaces the long hours that it would have taken to create by hand a molded piece. They look fantastic and taste delicious too. 

Star Wars Cake Detail R2 D2Perfect R2D2

The Recipes I Used For The Star Wars Cakes

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