Floating Cake Stand

by Kristena

Floating Cake Stand

Floating Cake Stand

I want to try and make this cake on a floating stand. My guest list is only 150 so I probably won't be needing all 4 tiers. The actual number of guests coming may be less and I'm sure not all of them will eat the wedding cake.

I want to do 3 tiers with the topper on the third one. I have a baker that quoted me $225.00. Would it be cheaper to do it myself?

I'm not even sure where to begin or where to get the decorating supplies I need? I have found a website that gives me instructions on how to design and the local Walmart does have some wedding decorating supplies available.

Also, would cheesecake icing be okay or does it tend to melt? I am on a very tight budget and just trying to cut some corners. So, thank you so very much for your help.


Lorelie's Response
Hi Kristena,
Of all of the tiered wedding cakes you chose the easiest method.

Here is a very inexpensive floating stand at Candyland Crafts for only $32.99. It's for one time use. Go to my supplies page and find links to them there.

There are a variety of tiered stands at Candylands website. The link below will take you to a the supply page on this site and you can link to them from there and choose one that you like the best and can afford.

The three sizes that you will be needing are a 14 inch for the bottom tier, a 10 inch for the center tier and a 6 inch for the top tier. You can play a little with those sizes. The baking tips page has a chart so that you can see about how much each pan will serve. You will find party and wedding sizes figured out for you.

There are many recipes on this website that have been time tested and have been used by myself and others over the years. The White Wedding Cake and the chocolate recipe as well as the best carrot recipe all have measurements for a three tiers.

If you want to know the cost of baking, you can estimate it by getting prices on the ingredients.

Next take a look at the frosting recipes and do the same thing. Cream cheese icing is ok for a filling and for a crumb
coating. The final finished coat on your cake should be buttercream. It holds up better and looks nicer.

Here is the wedding cake frosting recipe on this website. Or use the easy buttercream version here.

Figure the decorations into the cost. Are you having fresh flowers? These can be fairly inexpensive if you get them at a grocery store. Or even better picked fresh. Of course it depends on where you live and the time of year.

I would choose a simpler design for the sides of the cake. Scroll work is difficult when you have never piped from a pastry bag before. Go to the decorating ideas page and browse a little to see examples of basket weaving and other easy ways to decorate.

The cake decorating supplies page on this site has pictures and links to all of the tools of the trade.

You will need pans. To save money buy one each. Bake one layer of each, turn your cooled layers out onto a rack, and then bake the second layers.

More cake decorating supplies that you will need

cardboard rounds
pastry bag with coupler
a couple of decorating tips
a spatula to spread the icing
A good serrated knife is useful for trimming
a turntable or use a lazy susan if you have one
plastic wrap
waxed paper
spray oil or shortening for oiling your pans
You might consider using a boxed mix

All in all you probably won't save a lot of money but you would have the satisfaction of making your own wedding cake. The price your baker quoted to you is actually quite low.

Ultimately it's up to you as you know yourself best. A couple of questions to ask yourself...Is this something that is going to cause undue stress?

Do you have a friend who will help you out with the baking etc and setting up?

There are a few things you can do to make it simpler the day of the wedding. You can freeze your cakes ahead and have frosting prepared as well as using fresh flowers for decoration.

Good luck and please keep us updated on your floating cake stand idea.

If you decide to go ahead with this, then please update us as you go. Ask questions here on this page and you will get answers from myself and from other decorators who visit this website regularly. Thanks Kristena

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May 04, 2012
Cutting costs
by: Kimmy


I hope you have a go but if you are the bride it is alot of work so close to the big day. First - Get a little gang to help you. I have been making cakes for about 2 years and over time I have collected the tools. However, I did very well at first using what I already had. Tins are very expensive. We all have a 10' or there about. I used to make 2 x 10' and use a plate to cut around, making one smaller. Cake freezes well so the leftovers went in the freexer in slices and the kids took it to school as needed. Then you may only need to get a 12' or 14'.

Take a look at SweetWiseInc on Youtube, she is very helpful and Lorelie is on Youtube too. Sweetwiseinc has a nice one on covering a cake with fondant.

Making flowers not only takes time to learn but also costs a little in cutters and tools but you can have fresh flower to match your flowers. If you go to Designmeacake.com this lady has lovely vidio's about making fondant flowers. You can make decoration in fondant weeks before. Keep them safe in a shoe box (Not plastic) and you can have them ready way before the cake is needed.

You will also need a Ummmm think its called a smoother. With no money, this is what I did. Take a ice-cream lid. Cut a very straight edge (this is the edge used for smothing the frosting) then cut a large curve (your hangle) It will look like a large D. I have posh ones now and a large frosting knife thanks to birthdays and mothers day but I still use my homemade one.

Not having a turn table is also a pain. I used to pop my cake (on it's board) ontop of an upturned cake tin. My huddy cut me a bit of rubber fabric to keep it from slipping. This just means you can grad the tin and turn as you can't touch the cake and fighting with a board is a pain. If not - remember to either - leave the cake board hanging over the edge of the table so you can grab and move or place it on a small towel, so you can grad and turn. Needs must and I have used them all - LOL.

I will keep an eye out for questions.

Good luck Kimmy NZ

May 05, 2012
Thanks for the cake decorating tips !
by: Lorelie

Kimmy I love your innovative idea for the cake icing smoother. The turntable as well. I have done the cake hanging over the edge in the past, turning it little by little. The chefs I worked with made me a homemade wooden wedding cake turntable with a rubber mat. I am sure Kristena will appreciate all of your tips and help.

Thanks so much. You are always so helpful :-)

May 11, 2017
Where can I buy a floating cake stand from?
by: Anonymous

where can I buy a floating cake stand from? I checked out candylandcrafts.com but to no avail.

Apr 25, 2018
Floating cake stand
by: Lorelie

Here is a floating cake stand from Wilton

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