Fondant Cracking

by Waleska

My less than perfect fondant purse cake.

My less than perfect fondant purse cake.

The fondant on the handle of the purse cake unfortunately had a chance to dry out before placing it on the cake. This caused some cracking.

I want to make my daughter her first birthday cake, it is my first time trying to make it really nice but I can't manage to make the fondant stay put or even stop from cracking. What should I do?

Hi Waleska, If your fondant is dry it will crack. So first make sure that when you make your fondant you add enough moisture or less powdered sugar to the mix. Also to keep the fondant moist while working with it you may want to grease your hands with Crisco and make sure that you wrap up the fondant that you are not using right away, with plastic wrap.

To make the fondant stick to the cake frost your cake with buttercream first. I give mine a crumb coat and a final coat before placing the fondant onto the cake.

A good brand to buy, if you purchase yours is Satin Ice It comes in a tub, stays moist in storage, tastes good and comes on various flavors.

So is homemade Buttercream better and easier or store bought?


Buttercream is not difficult to make and is much better homemade. It is simply butter whipped (unsalted), confectionery sugar and vanilla and possibly a pinch of salt if you prefer. Or a slightly harder version, called Italian meringue that requires a syrup that is cooked and the addition of egg whites.

Links to both on this site.
Italian meringueI also call it "Wedding Cake Frosting".

And basic easy buttercream frosting.

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Scratch Fondant Recipe

Your scratch fondant recipe uses a stand mixer. I don't have a stand mixer-is it possible to make this with a hand mixer?

Hi Susan, Try the marshmallow fondant. Its easy to make and you can do it by hand with a bowl a spoon and your hands.

Here is the link to the marshmallow fondant on this website. I just made a batch yesterday to use for a birthday cake, it is literally four ingredients, marshmallows, a tiny bit of water, powdered sugar and a little Crisco. I think you will like this scratch fondant recipe.

but be prepared to stand there and hold it for a good 20 minutes or so it takes that long to incorporate all the ingredients together. but the easy home made marshmallow fondant is one of the best tasting and is very workable.

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White Chocolate Fondant Question

by Zaynab
(New Zealand)

Hi, how are you? I'm back with a white chocolate fondant question. Don't think you are ever gonna get rid of me or my questions. LOL! I like you and I like your website that's why I keep bothering you :-)

Last year was my baby's first birthday. I ordered a white cake with white chocolate. It was covered with white chocolate. The chocolate was like fondant but it was yummier, because it was made with chocolate.

This year I want to make her birthday cake. Its in 6 days. Do you have any idea how to make the white chocolate fondant?

Thank you very much



Lol... Hi again Zaynab, Don't ever think you are bothering me. I welcome all of your questions. Sounds like the cake was either made with a white chocolate modeling paste or a white chocolate fondant.

You can make it yourself or buy them pre made. If you are going to make it yourself I have just added a recipe for you here on my website for white chocolate fondant.

It may have been modeling chocolate in which case you can look at my chocolate modeling recipe and just add white chocolate instead of dark.

Hope that helps you out :-)

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