Refrigerating cake for fondant

by G. M

Cake awaiting decoration

Cake awaiting decoration

I need to make a cake that will have fondant on it. When I apply the thin layer of buttercream and put it in the FRIDGE so I can put the fondant on, the cake goes hard. Is there a cake recipe that won't go hard after refrigeration.

Hi The butter in buttercream will always harden in the cold. The cake itself if made with butter will also tend to harden up. The good news is that once you take your cake out of the refrigerator it will come to room temperature and soften up.

You could use an oil based cake recipe instead to ensure that the cake stays somewhat soft when cold. An example of a good recipe for that is my chocolate buttermilk cake. It is made with vegetable oil.

The fondant once placed on your cakes should not be refrigerated. So it may be to your advantage to use a nice cold and firm cake while you are working on the decorating.

UPDATE:(Satin Ice brand can be refrigerated, but make sure you place the finished cake in a box and or cover well with plastic to keep moisture away.) You can order through this page on my site.

Your cakes will slowly come to room temperature inside the fondant. A cake can stay out for a couple of days once it is covered in the sugar paste. Keep it in a cool dry spot covered lightly with plastic wrap. You could also box it up to protect it from dust and moisture.

Here is a link to all of the fondant pages on the site with helpful information and ideas.

Another thing to remember when using fondant to cover your cakes is that the fillings need to be able to withstand room temperature as well. For instance you would not use a mousse or custard for a filling as it will be unsafe unless kept cold. I use various flavored buttercreams.

Thank you for visiting Wedding Cakes For You. Hope this helps you out with your refrigerating cake for fondant question.

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Filling for fondant wedding cake

by Natalie
(Staten island, New York)

Hi I am making a four tier wedding cake for my friends wedding I am wondering what kind of filling I can use. The cake has to travel 4 hours away. I plan on baking them and putting the fondant on them before the trip, but I am not sure what filling to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi Natalie

I have several posts that deal with that subject. It can be a dilemma because of the fact that you don't refrigerate the cake after it is on the cake. But there are many fillings that work with a non refrigerated cake and ways to work with a cake to make it more stable. See Update in the post above.

This post: Moist cake recipe and filling for a fondant cake is a good one and it has links to the best cakes and the best fillings to use with your fondant creations.

This post talks about why mousse is probably not a good choice.

And another talks about the use of cream cheese filling and custards.

Here is one regarding the use of cream cheese filling with a red velvet fondant cake.

And yet another post on filling with buttercream versus whipped cream for a fondant cake.

Now as far as your traveling goes this post on
Transporting a wedding cake is a great one. You will need to box up the cake and possibly use dry ice to keep it cold for the trip, unless you have a great air conditioner and some sweaters. This post is for a three tiered cake, but it doesn't matter, the same applies for a four tier cake. I am assuming they are stacked?

If you have not heard about The Cake Stackers, you should check them out I use the Stackers and have introduced them to many other cake decorators who also use and love them. It makes a difference as your cakes will turn out perfectly level and centered, and will not shift during transport. Go to the Tools page to order them from this site.

I hope all of the posts help you out. Happy Cake Decorating :-)

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Fondant Border-made ahead of time?

by Stefanie
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Hi Lorelie

This is a two part question. I apologize for peppering you with questions this week. But I value your advice and everything I've come to you for has been spot on!

So, I've never worked with fondant and the wedding cake I'm making has a braided fondant bottom border. Can I make the border the night before and put it into a ziplock and still have it workable the next morning? I have heard that fondant dries out quickly.

Also-they want a monogram on their cake and I was going to make it in fondant and attach it to the cake (which is iced in buttercream). Someone told me to use butter cream to attach the monogram-another said it wouldn't work and to use piping gel-the monogram is not large or heavy-what is your opinion?

Thank you so much for all your help!
Hi Stefanie,
No problem with the questions, ask away. I would shy away from making the fondant border ahead of time. Even with storing in plastic it may dry out a little and crack when you go to use it. If you have time, try it out first and see if it works for you.

Certain fondants may work better in this scenario, such as the Satin Ice. It stays moist in the bucket and plastic bag that it comes in.

To answer the monogram question: Soft buttercream should do the trick. I don't think gel is a good idea. I recently made a monogram and leaned it up on the cake. The cake was fondant though not buttercream. Below is a a photo of the monogram cake. Wait until you get to the venue to add the monogram. Hope this helps you out Stefanie

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Butter Cakes

Question: I am new to decorating with fondant, I want to make sure I can use a butter cake with fondant instead of a pound cake, it seems the pound cake can dry out. I want to be able to make cakes and cover them with fondant at times instead of the butter cream frosting for a variety of cakes.

Thanks Kare K.

Answer: Yes you can use butter cakes with fondant, I do it all the time. Here is my favorite butter cake recipe, it's actually an orange cake recipe but if you use milk instead of orange juice, then you will have a vanilla butter cake. (but truly the orange cake is wonderful.) The orange flavor is not overpowering and I think the orange juice may add to the moistness of the cake.

You also may want to read this post on my baking questions page all about sponge cakes versus pound cakes.

This post may also answer some questions for you. The best cake to use when covering with fondant.

Hope this helps!

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