Old-fashioned cakes and fillings.

by Joanne
(Adelaide South Australia, Australia)

Old Fashioned Victorian Theme

Old Fashioned Victorian Theme

Hi Lorelie

I am getting married in September which is Spring in Australia. To save some money, My matron of chaos and I are going to make my wedding cake. I'm having a vintage style wedding so it will be decorated to go with that theme. Haven't quite decided on what style as yet.

I am making a cake for 100 people. The cake topper has an oval 6 inch base so I think a square cake will be best. How many tiers do you think would feed that many guests?

I still have questions. LOL. Where do I start? I've made and devoured your Chocolate Stout Cake and may I say....it was simply SCRUMPTIOUS!! That flavour will be the bottom tier.

I've also found an old fashioned Lemon Delish cake recipe which my matron of chaos has made.

So...Next lot of questions....what layer flavours can you suggest for both cakes? If there is a 3rd tier, I need another complementary flavoured cake and filling.

Everything that we are doing for my wedding will have that vintage hand made feel about it. We've just spent 7 hours today, making up my invitations in ivory and old gold with antique lace in different colours....bits of ribbon, flowers etc.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions! :D

Lorelie's Response Hi Joanne, Congratulations on your wedding and your decision to make your own wedding cake! How large each cake is will determine how many tires you will need for 100 people. Here are some pan volume and serving charts on this website that will help determine sizes.

How about the orange cake with white chocolate and raspberry filling for the third tier. It's one of my all time favorites.

A few other suggestions for old fashioned cakes and fillings would be the 1-2-3-4 cake, also known as white cake with an English lemon curd filling.The best carrot cake recipe you will ever find is right here and is also an old fashioned cake. Fill it with lemon cream cheese icing.

It sounds like your wedding and reception will be absolutely gorgeous. I love the vintage look. Please send photos. Here is a link to the make your own wedding cake page.

I wish you all the best :-) Please stay in touch.

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Apr 14, 2012
vintage lace
by: Colleen

Look on line for impression cutters for lace and such. Lots to choose from. Then depends on the type of frosting you choose. You can put gumpaste, fondant and candy clay on Italian Meringue Buttercream. I love to cut things out of candy clay. I also use my Cricut Cake cutter for alot of detail work. Experiment for awhile and start well ahead of time and make extra- stuff breaks lol

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