White Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake Recipe

by Char
(Rosedale, Canada)

I was looking for your white chocolate raspberry wedding cake recipe......but I can't see to find it....is it just regular cake then a butter cream flavored with raspberries and ...the white chocolate is what? LOLOL I just want to do something other than my regular for my sisters wedding ...but something that will stay firm and last from 12pm/ 1ish till the reception at 630pm eeeeep!!...(warm weather) thank you soooo much for your help!!!!

Hi Char, The white chocolate raspberry supreme recipe is the orange butter recipe. Multiply it by 6 for 14 10 and 6 inch tiers.

Then fill it with white chocolate buttercream and fresh or individually frozen raspberries. You can also add a sprinkling of Triple Sec or an orange flavored liqueur over the layers before filling.

And if you want to find something on this site you can search it on the home page and on the side top column of all the recipe pages. Always feel free to ask if you can't find something. I will be happy to help.

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Rasberry Kahlua cream filling for a french vanilla cake

by Tamyra
(Rochester, NY)

Please help! I am making my wedding cake (Aug. 13, 2011) I am making a chocolate layer cake with chocolate caramel ganache filling, carrot cake with cream cheese filling and a layer of french vanilla...I found a recipe for a raspberry Kahlua cream filling that I read goes well with french vanilla. However it is made with cool whip and I don't know if it will be firm enough for a wedding cake.Do you think if I dam it first with buttercream it will be okay or is cool whip not good idea? This is the top layer, the cake will be out overnight as it will be covered in fondant. Help ...

Hi Tamyra, If the cool whip filling is going to be used for the top tier only then it should be fine. I would use a dam of buttercream though to make it more secure. You should probably test the recipe out ahead and fill a small cake with it. It is never a good idea to test something new like this on the actual cake. Believe me I know from experience, a bad one...LOL

Good luck and please let us know how it goes.

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Marble cake recipe dilemma

When I have a customer ask to me to make a marbled cake for them my cakes do not turn out so great. When I add the chocolate batter to the pan and then the vanilla(or white) batter and I mix it together to form a marbled look...it looks great. But when it comes out of the oven and I cut it to form it or frost it, the cake looks like the chocolate has dominated over the white.

When you are eating it later, it tastes great, but you can taste more the chocolate rather than both of them. I don't know how to fix this problem....please help...any suggestions.

Hi, Try using less of the chocolate cake batter and layering it first by putting a layer of white cake batter and then a layer of the chocolate batter etc until you have all the batter in the pan. Then very carefully pull a knife through it and swirl just a little bit.

When you bake the cake it will mix a little more on it's own.Hope that helps with your marble cake dilemma.

Here are links to my chocolate cake and my white butter cake recipes. These can be used to make your swirled confections and are really delicious with a chocolate mousse filling and the Italian meringue buttercream.

And a related post by another visitor.


May 02, 2012
Good Luck
by: Lorelie

I wish you the best of luck. Its going to be wonderful and delicious. :-)
May 02, 2012

thank you
by: virginia

thank you ...its what i have been looking for...i wasn't sure if the moose filling would hold the weight of the cake, I'm making my first four tired wedding cake this July and that is what they want over a waterfall..wish me luck..

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Perfect filling for a fondant cake

by Iva

I am planning on making an orange chocolate chips cake for my daughter's birthday. I was a thinking about filling it up with your chocolate mousse filling recipe, coat it with buttercream and use fondant for the final decoration? Is it a good idea to use this filling? or is there any other one you can recommend to use it safely on a fondant cake?

Hi Iva, The perfect filling for a fondant cake is one that will not spoil easily. So I would opt for a buttercream. Can I suggest a white chocolate buttercream filling? It goes really well with orange cakes. Just melt some white chocolate and mix it into the buttercream for a quick, easy and very yummy filling.

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How many cups of buttercream icing for a wedding cake

How many cups of buttercream icing for a wedding cake are needed/ The sizes of the tiers are
6x6x3, 8x8x3, 10x10x3 and a 12x12x3?

You will need about 17 cups of buttercream frosting for this size wedding cake.

The Cake Bible, which is one of my favorite cake books, has a chart with all of the amounts needed for various size cakes. She breaks it down so that you can see how much it takes for the top, the sides, the filling and the total amount.

Thanks for a great question. Good luck with your wedding cake.

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DIY wedding cake questions

by Heather
(Butler, PA)

I have 150 guests and my fiance and I were planning on having a separate sheet cake. I have very little experience with making cakes (besides the box kind) what are your suggestions for an easy recipe, how to frost it and how much time should I give myself to make it? Would making a practice cake be worth the money?

Hi Heather, Do you like chocolate cake? The buttermilk chocolate cake recipe is so easy and fabulous. You can fill it simply with a flavored buttercream and it will be a hit. I guarantee it.
You just dump all of the ingredients into the bowl and beat it for a few minutes, pour into the pans and bake. The white cakes are a little more involved although I do have a yellow cake recipe that is easy to make.

It would be worth making a practice cake, especially for the frosting part of it. Use the easy buttercream icing. I have some instructional cake decorating videos. and a make your own wedding cake page.

Give yourself about 8-10 hours total from start to finish. Don't try to do it all in one day. Bake the cakes one day and freeze them. Fill and crumb coat another day and refreeze or refrigerate. Then on the third day do the finish coat and decorations. Any final touches can be added at the venue. Good luck with your DIY wedding cake.

Please send a picture and tell us how it all went. You can submit it on the wedding cake stories page. Thank you! Great questions!

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